The Colorado School of Mines will be the host to the 16th annual Microtunneling Short Course, presented by the Microtunneling Research Institute in conjunction with the School of Mines, Trenchless Technology magazine and TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine. The course directors are Timothy Coss, president of Microtunneling Inc., and Dr. Levent Ozdemir, professor at the School of Mines.

The Colorado School of Mines’ annual Microtunneling Short Course has established itself as the premier instructional venue for microtunneling worldwide. The course has trained more than 1,600 students, ranging from contractors and engineers to owner agency representatives.

The 2009 Microtunneling Short course covers the latest in emerging technologies from this growing field. With more and more demand for underground services in urban areas, the need to use minimally invasive construction techniques will only increase.

The Microtunneling Short Course is a three-day, intensive course presented by a panel of international experts. It also includes a one-day course on the emerging field of pilot tube microtunneling.

If you are involved with microtunneling or are planning to be involved, the Microtunneling Short Course is a must-attend event to obtain the latest technical information to ensure a successful project.

Microtunneling involves a suite of disciplines and topics that must be considered when planning or constructing a project. The Microtunneling Short Course takes an in-depth look at the subjects that can impact your job.

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