The Colorado School of Mines will host acourse titled, Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practice from May 26 in Golden,Colo. The course covers injection grouting as a method to improve soilsettlement characteristics and strength properties and to decrease permeabilityof soil and rock masses. Major topics to be covered include site investigations,equipment and procedures for cement grouting, structural chemical grouting ofsoil, grouting rock under dams, chemical grouting for water control, grouting ofrock anchors, compaction grouting, lifting and leveling, slab jacking, soilnailing and grouting for underground structures. Principles and case historieswill be presented. There will also be a field demonstration of compaction and/orpenetration grouting, flow of ultrafine cement grout in sand cylinders, groutmixing, rock drilling and packers, and testing grout mobility.

Thecourse will be worth a total of 3.5 CEUs.
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