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City of Houston Selects LAN to Consolidate Wastewater Facilities

The City of Houston selected planning, engineering and program management firm Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) to provide professional engineering services related to the diversion of wastewater flows from the Chelford City Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Upper Braes Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project is part of the City of Houston’s ongoing program to improve the wastewater infrastructure by consolidating its wastewater lift station facilities.

Currently, a network of collection systems consisting of gravity sewers and lift stations serves the west side area, sending flows to Chelford City. The City of Houston has a contract with Chelford City to treat this sewer flow. Flow diversion to the Upper Braes Waste Water Treatment Plant will require the installation of a 54- to 60-in. sewer tunnel, deep gravity collection lines, and new or modified lift stations and force mains.

As part of the project, LAN will evaluate several flow diversion alternatives by gravity sewers or pumping stations or its combination.  In addition, alternatives for sewer line routing and lift station location will be evaluated. Finally, a life cycle cost analysis will be performed to determine the most economical option for the City.

“With the new collection system, the City will have a reliable infrastructure to serve its residents for the foreseeable future,” said Stephen A. Gilbreath, P.E., LAN senior associate and team leader.

“Additionally, diverting the flows to the City’s wastewater treatment plant will potentially save costs in the long run and lead to more economic development in the area,” said Tanu Hiremath, P.E., City of Houston Project Manager.

Design of the $15 million project is expected to be completed in November 2016 with construction anticipated to be completed in November 2018.
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