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Cardno Announces UAS, Remote Sensing Data Analytics Services in the U.S.

Trenchless Technology NewsCardno recently added unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and remote sensing data analytics to its roster of services available in the United States.

The company’s UAS and remote sensing data analytics staff will work closely with established subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and survey teams to provide cutting-edge technology anywhere in the U.S.

Cardno received a nationwide 333 exemption and Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COA) issued by the Federal Aviation Administration for commercial UAS mapping operations at a 200 ft above ground level (AGL) height in “undeveloped” areas. Cardno is committed to expanding its capabilities and technical expertise in the UAS market, as it is one of a few firms of its size licensed to operate in this emerging technology.

“Cardno has the largest fleet of subsurface utility vehicles in the U.S. and our SUE/survey team comprises over 450 professionals. Cardno also operates with a global network of around 8,100 staff in over 250 offices, giving us the resources to successfully deliver complex projects while leveraging local knowledge and relationships,” said Jason Kack, Cardno’s west business manager. “We are excited to offer this diverse talent to our clients, along with UAS and remote sensing data analytics — two innovative and crucial next steps to support client projects.”

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Cardno’s fleet of UAV includes both fixed wing and octocopter solutions, which carry mapping grade fixed focal length cameras, HD video, and infrared data/image collection capabilities. The UAV take high-resolution color imagery, producing digital terrain models and other high-tech mapping for a wide range of applications.

By adding UAS capabilities, Cardno strengthens its cutting-edge portfolio of geospatial, mapping, and survey services – including mobile GIS, large format photogrammetry surveys, remote sensing, mobile mapping LiDAR, underground utilities mapping, amongst others – and complements its information management services such as environmental data and compliance management, application and website development, business process modeling, decision support systems, and systems integration.

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UAS technology is revolutionizing critical data capture, and Cardno’s remote sensing data analytics team has the flexibility to provide sensor and platform combinations that are cost-effective and meet client needs in a variety of industries and services: emergency response, mining, railway inspection, biological resources, oil & gas, utilities, refineries, water resources, and vegetation analysis.

Cardno’s remote sensing data analytics scientists have the expertise and experience to provide the highest-quality orthoimagery and point cloud data for developing base products for projects. These base products can then be further analyzed to create an extensive list of value-added products to aid clients in achieving their end goal while staying on schedule and budget.

For more information, visit Cardno’s UAS website by following this link.
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