Business Briefs: Baker Hughes Selects Converge for Global ITAD Services

Baker Hughes Inc., providers of advanced products and services to help drill, evaluate, complete and produce oil and gas wells, recently selected Converge to provide global electronics management services, delivering secure and environmentally compliant handling of phased-out computers from its facilities around the world. These services focus on reuse and recycling of these electronics when feasible, supplemented by environmentally and socially responsible disposal methods.  

“Baker Hughes is driven by a strong commitment to ethical conduct and measurable results,” said Sandra Neely, Baker Hughes vice president of Infrastructure Operations and Services. “We recently undertook a global search for an Information Technology Asset Disposal (ITAD) vendor that not only has the resources to handle our disposition needs, but also has the resources to meet our high HS&E performance objectives.”

Baker Hughes has more than 36,000 employees operating in 90-plus countries.

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