BAMI-I Expands

The Certification of Training in Asset Management Program offered by the Buried Asset Management Institute-International (BAMI-I) has been a solid success. The program, commonly referred to as CTAM, is an online course and corresponding textbook that introduces enrollees to the basic principles of asset management for water and sewer systems.

To date, nearly 100 people have completed CTAM since it was introduced in January 2010. More than 90 percent of the enrollees have come from municipal and utility sectors, indicating the value of this training course.

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To expand on the program, BAMI-I announced that it is launching CTAM+, an expanded program that delves further into the five key areas of asset management introduced in CTAM. CTAM+ is geared to municipal and utility managers seeking to take their asset management to the next level.

The five key areas of asset management as identified in CTAM, and form the five modules for CTAM+, are:

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Module 1: Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment (1st Quarter 2011) – Topics include: Accurate Evaluation of Existing Assets; Field Asset Management Technologies; and Data Management.

Module 2: Required Service Levels (3rd Quarter 2011) — Government Regulations; Customer Expectations;  and Performance Measurements.

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Module 3: Critical Assets to Sustain Performance (1st Quarter 2012) — Risk Assessment; Prioritization Methods; Evaluation Technologies; Asset Life Estimation Methods; and Depreciation Models.

Module 4: Best O&M and CIP Strategies (3rd Quarter 2012) — CIP Planning Models; O&M Estimation; Government Regulations: CMOM and GASB 34; Renewal Technologies; and Repair Technologies.

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Module 5: Best Funding Strategies (1st Quarter 2013) — Economic Analysis; Planning Concepts: Screening Projects; Planning for Uncertainty and Risk; Financial Analysis: Time Value of Money; Concepts and Applications for Economic Analysis; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Public Environment; Legal and Institutional Aspects; and Funding Methods.

BAMI-I will be rolling out these five modules over the next two and one half years. Each module will be supported by a manual. CTAM enrollees report an average of 20 to 30 hours of time to complete the course.
Development of CTAM+ is being carried out in conjunction with The University of Texas-Arlington, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, BAMI-I, and Benjamin Media. CTAM+ was recently introduced at the UIM Asset Management Conference held in Cleveland Dec. 6-7. For information, visit