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BAMI-I Hosting Inaugural Global Buried Asset Management Congress

The Buried Asset Management Institute – International (BAMI-I) is proud to announce its first-ever Global Buried Asset Management Congress (GBAMC), scheduled to take place on Sept. 28-30 in Tinley Park, Illinois southwest of Chicago.

This congress aims to advance the science and practice of asset management in the underground infrastructure industry, with a focus on the water and wastewater sector and other utilities that have buried assets. GBAMC will focus on advancing the science and practice of asset management under the theme, “Buried assets: out of sight but not out of mind through advancing the science and practice of asset management.”

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The GBAMC will bring together subject matter experts from around the world to identify the state-of-practice and present strategic future directions in buried asset management. The congress aims to establish a comprehensive set of global directions for the industry, addressing the challenges of managing buried assets and ensuring their longevity and efficiency.

Buried infrastructure serves as the lifeline of societies worldwide, requiring effective management to ensure its health, remaining service life, and timely maintenance. Key areas of emphasis include implementing best business practices for asset protection, advancing technology and management methods to enhance asset value, ensuring the longevity of buried assets through comprehensive health assessment and management, and ensuring compliance with current and future regulatory requirements.

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“Our congress is unique, as it is the only asset management congress focused on underground infrastructure. The congress is proudly co-sponsored by BAMI-I and Purdue University,” says Dr. Tom Iseley, BAMI-I president. “Under the leadership of Wei Liao, our passionate team is fully committed to providing an outstanding experience that surpasses all expectations. We have curated an impressive lineup of world-class speakers who will guide us into the future of buried asset management. We invite you to join us and become our valued partner in shaping the trajectory of this vital industry.”

The GBAMC offers attendees the opportunity to engage with asset management leaders, exchange knowledge and best practices, and gain insights into the latest trends and technologies. The congress will take place both in-person and virtually, allowing participants from across the globe to attend.

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GBAMC is an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to asset management and establish themselves as leaders in the field. As an exhibitor or sponsor, companies have a platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies and services, network with industry representatives and the opportunity to receive ongoing support from BAMI-I and Purdue University.

For more information about the GBAMC, including sponsorship opportunities, registration and the detailed program, visit

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