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A New Method to Keep your Bore on Target

A new technology arrived in 2023 for the trenchless industry “The Casing Compass”. The casing compass was born out of necessity when a bore contractor was faced with a 660 foot bore at 10% uphill grade. Although water levels give accurate readings, relying on your traditional water level was not practical as they take distance to move the needle and that may put your bore in a difficult position before you can adjust properly. If you know the grade changes before the distance is traveled, you can do something about it.

The feature that contractors like is the familiarity with a water level combined with modern technology. The casing compass features;

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  • Compact traditional water level
  • 2-axis remotely monitored smart level for grade and roll
  • LED Illuminated water level discharge
  • Control box displaying grade and roll

The Casing Compass advantage:

  • Reduce manned confined space entries, increasing jobsite safety.
  • Illuminated Water Discharge provides down-hole point of reference for remote line checks
  • Increase efficiency & production by eliminating the need to pull augers to check line and grade
  • Instant, accurate, and remote navigational data leads to smarter corrections for line and grade
  • Provide accurate bore mapping for contractors without confined space entry
  • Making smaller and incremental adjustments leads to:
    • Straighter bores (no more humped bores)
    • Reduced push pressure and wear and tear on equipment

The Casing Compass is not a replacement for any specific technology in the trenchless world, but a navigational aid that can be used with all technologies to make them better. The versatility of the casing compass enables it to be used with pipe ramming, pilot tubes, knuckle and hydraulic steering heads, as well as conventional bores where manned entry is expected but can be hazardous. The Casing Compass can also be used in a tunnel boring machine by placing a sensor at the operator’s convenience to track inclination of the head or pipe.

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The casing compass provides a cost-effective way to monitor your bore path often eliminating pulling auger multiple times on your bore. For more information on the Casing Compass call or email 419-525-1214, or email sales@byrnegroup.com

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