NordiTube 5ELEM

5ELEM, NordiTube Combine Forces in China

No-dig technology provider NordiTube Technologies SE is entering the Chinese market with its products and embarks on a strategic partnership with 5ELEM.

NordiTube Liner5ELEM, located in Jiangsu, China, is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality woven jacket hoses and rubber covered hoses in the world for a wide variety of applications such as firefighting, irrigation, mining, marine, petrochemical, water discharging, manure transfer, fertilizing and shale gas exploration, as well as the leading company in China for flexible relining systems.

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The Chinese company’s strength in producing high quality woven hoses for more than 30 years was decisive for NordiTube to enter this cooperation. This enables NordiTube to step into the Chinese market with a strong partner to build up a production for trenchless pipe rehabilitation systems in China together.

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“We are very happy to announce the cooperation with 5ELEM, that represents an excellent opportunity for us to expand production capacity for NordiTube’s technologies worldwide. The additional production facilities will be a perfect complement to our global representation, ” said Jan Luksch, managing director of NordiTube Technologies SE.

NordiTube Technologies has already established a position as the leading technology provider for trenchless pipe rehabilitation systems, especially for pressure applications like potable water and gas and has been producing cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners for more than 30 years with its own production sites in Belgium and Spain. NordiTube’s longstanding experience in producing CIPP liners and spiral-wound PVC pipes is an optimal prerequisite for this expansion.

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Thanks to the partnership, 5ELEM and NordiTube are able to offer leading expertise in no-dig technology production with local know-how and local service in China.

NordiTube contributes its leading expertise in innovative technologies, comprehensive know-how and proven systems while 5ELEM contributes its understanding of the local market and hi-tech infrastructure for the production. The two companies will be supported by NordiTube’s holding company RTi International, Austria, a leading rehabilitation service provider with international references and partners.

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As a first step, 5ELEM and NordiTube will concentrate on entering the Chinese market with CIPP liners for drinking water and gas pipes as well as pipes with big dimensions of up to DN 3000 mm.

NordiTube expects strong growth for CIPP and spiral wound technology in the coming years as a result of the gaining importance of no-dig pipe rehabilitation in China.

The master license for the Chinese market- effective July 1 – is the beginning of the strategic partnership between 5ELEM and NordiTube.

SOURCE – NordiTube