2018 Trenchless Technology Road Show Exhibitor Showcase

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london ontario

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The Trenchless Technology Road Show is the largest entirely-trenchless trade show and conference focused on the Canadian market. One of the highlights of the event taking place May 15-17 in London, Ontario, is the exhibit hall. Use the arrows at the top and bottom of the page (or the arrow keys on your keyboard) to see what some of the exhibitors are showcasing at the event.

There is still time to register for the event. For more information or to register, visit catttrenchlessroadshow.ca/


Andrews.engineer (A.E) provides fiscally and environmentally responsible sewer asset management strategies. Our goal is to extend the service life of infrastructure — supporting economic growth and highest quality of life in the process. A.E’s extensive range of international experience has supplied us with the expertise and knowledge essential to making this goal a reality. By continually pursuing the latest and best technological advancements, A.E has established a reputation as the sewer asset management specialist that supports municipal clients with the education and service they need.


AP/M Permaform offers engineered solutions for the trenchless rehabilitation of deteriorated manholes, pipe and similar underground structures with our Permacast and CentriPipe systems. Permacast, an engineered fine aggregate cementitious liner and polymer coating system for manhole rehabilitation, is centrifugally cast from a patented robotic applicator. A high-strength, corrosion-resistant liner is applied at the best thickness for the condition, depth, traffic loading and groundwater pressure of the existing structure. CentriPipe has proven to be very versatile and cost-effective for 762 mm and larger CMP, RCP, and brick pipes of all configurations, including round, arched, elliptical and box.


Pioneer of the trenchless pressure pipe rehabilitation industry, Aquarehab stands out of the competition by its expertise gained through 25 years of innovation and over 400km of successful installations. Specialist in cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), our methods and technologies allow us to rehabilitate watermains and other pressure pipes of diameters ranging from 150 mm to 1,200 mm. Aquarehab is the only company that has successfully completed the structural rehabilitation of a 1,200mm watermain in North America. Structural CIPP lining installations by inversion greatly facilitate repairs to conduits where conventional open trench methods are nearly impossible to apply : watercourse, railway and highway crossings. Less expensive and invasive, CIPP offers an incomparable cost / benefit ratio while keeping inconveniences to residents at a minimum. For more information on our services, contact info@aquarehab.com and visit us at our booth at the Trenchless Technology Road Show in London.

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