2007 Project of the Year Honorable Mention Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Honorable Mention
King Edward Avenue Renewal — CIPP

In 1999 King Edward Avenue, a six-lane roadway in the City of Ottawa, was deemed a “high priority” project by the Ontario Municipal Board. Serving as a gateway from Ottawa to Quebec, the avenue required repair to accommodate the on-average 50,000 vehicles that travel over it daily. The major road renewal project was expected to begin in 2006.

Through an assessment of the infrastructure, city workers came to the conclusion that the trunk sanitary and storm sewers along the road were in need of repair.

After considering all the methods possible for the rehabilitation project, CIPP was chosen. The rehabilitation called for large diameter CIPP liner installations, with four of them storm sewers and the other two sanitary, ranging 48 to 84 in. in diameter. Christened the “King Edward Renewal Project,” the rehab job was assigned to R.W. Tomlinson and designed by the Delcan Corp.

The project was set to be completed in the coldest part of winter, in order to minimize the amount of flow being bypassed during the repair. In less than three months, crews completed the $26 million project.

Rehabilitation Honorable Mention
Montreal CIPP Waterline Rehab

The busy tourist spot and charming little city of Old Montreal was in need of repairs to its ever-busy and narrow streets. However, the city that hosts 750,000 visitors a year needed to address key utility issues before streets could be repaved, namely its aging and fragile waterlines. 

With many of the water lines exceeding 100 years in age, it was necessary to repair them prior to the extensive paving project that took place. City officials decided to use cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining to rehabilitate the lines, allotting $5 million and two years for the project’s completion. The narrow streets and beautiful buildings in Old Montreal made excavation difficult and inconvenient to residents. Repairing the waterlines via trenchless methods was the obvious choice.

Construction ATA chose Aqua-Rehab, a licensed installer of NordiPipe, which is approved for the structural repair of potable water lines. Aqua-Rehab has rehabbed a number of water lines ranging in length of 425 ft to 3,410 ft, with pipe diameters between 8 and 24 in.

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