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Your Positive Solution to I & I Prevention

CCI Piping Systems

If you are looking at rehabilitating your manholes for the last time, CCI Piping Systems has the solution for you. Wrapidseal™ Manhole Encapsulation System is a heat-shrinkable sleeve designed to conform to irregularly shaped structures and seal them with an impermeable exterior barrier. Rehabilitation applications using WrapidSeal™ are typically limited to the top portion of the structure, where most of the inflow & infiltration occurs and where this solution performs particularly well. The cross-linked polyolefin backing, coated with an aggressive adhesive, also increases structural integrity, while its flexible membrane accommodates ground movement. Unlike other I & I solutions, WrapidSeal™ can withstand freeze-thaw cycles, making this an option for all climates. Additionally, this product is compatible with concrete, brick, fiberglass, plastic or steel and has been proven to work well with HDPE and EPP grade rings. Installation of this product is quick, easy and requires minimal training.

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