Recognizing Women in Trenchless, Charlotte Colorito

Charlotte Colorito

Senior Product Engineer, Super Products

Charlotte Colorito noted that, “Unfortunately, there is no exciting backstory to how I decided to enter the engineering field. It all came down to excelling at and an appreciation for math and science in high school. Career-wise, engineering was where those skills pointed me.” Charlotte attended the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2017.

Charlotte Colorito

From the start, Charlotte has worked solely in the manufacturing industry, but her introduction to trenchless technology came after she joined Super Products, an Alamo Group Company, in 2019. She joined the company as a Design Engineer with a focus on new product development. During her time in that role, she worked on projects for several product lines, including the Supersucker® Industrial Vacuum Loader, but mainly focused on the Mud Dog® Vacuum Excavator product line. Charlotte noted, “I had no idea when I started, but our trucks are so interesting. I enjoy working on the mechanical and hydraulic systems that are required to make these units run safely and efficiently.”

Today, Charlotte is a Senior Product Engineer with Super Products who mainly focuses on and has a leadership role in the Mud Dog 700, which she helped design and launch in 2021. Charlotte remarked, “It’s such a great product to work on! Hydro excavation is such an important part of this industry and safe digging efforts. It’s a great industry and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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