Vermeer Mfg. Co. displays a desire to continually do things better with underground construction equipment and solutions. This desire is mirrored in the company’s dedication to providing better wellness opportunities for the 2,000-plus employees based at the corporate headquarters in Pella, Iowa.

By participating in a variety of wellness activities, including preventative health screenings and corporate health challenges, Vermeer employees earn credits, which translate into reimbursement to their health care premiums. Wellness credits can also be redeemed for gym memberships, diet/exercise programs and other approved wellness activities.

Vermeer Health Services, a primary care and occupational health clinic, is maintained onsite. Consisting of eight exam rooms operated by CHD Meridian Healthcare, Vermeer employees and their dependents are eligible for routine exams and health screenings at no charge. The facility also boasts an in-house pharmacy, which provides significant employee cost-saving potential for many prescription drugs. Amidst the health risks involved with tobacco use and the escalating cost of health insurance, Vermeer took a hard line effective Dec. 26, 2005 — use of tobacco is prohibited on the Vermeer campus. To couple the initiative, cessation classes and aids are offered by the company to employees, as well as insurance premium incentives for non-users.

In conjunction with Workplace and Family Life Services of Des Moines, Vermeer employees dealing with stress and anxiety have the opportunity to contact a professional counselor by phone and set up an appointment. Whatever the issue, anonymity and confidentiality is preserved and the service is offered up to three times free of charge.

“Providing wellness opportunities for our employees is an extension of the company’s core philosophy,” said Jennifer Kruse, Vermeer director of human resources. “The Vermeer wellness initiatives are about the things you truly can’t put a price on — helping people live longer, healthier lives are priceless.”
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