Veit, a diverse specialty contracting services company headquartered innearby Rogers, Minn., won the 2004 CIPP Project of the Year Award earlier thisyear at the CIPP Corp.’s Annual Licensee Meeting in Orlando, Fla.

Veit received the award for a particularly difficult repair to a 525-ft longstainless steel pipe at a refinery in Joliet, Ill. The pipe was encased inconcrete, which caused the CIPP material to cool down too rapidly and fracture.Also, stainless steel pipe has a much harder surface than clay or tile pipe,which makes it more difficult for the CIPP liner to bond to the pipe.

The Veit crew solved the problem by creating a different liner that used athicker felt and reformulating the catalyst to activate a little slower. Vietalso modified the curing process by bringing the heat down very slowly, over along period of time.

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