Vacuworx Celebrates 15 Years as Provider of Vacuum Lifting Equipment

Vacuworx, celebrating 15 years in May as a thought-leader in vacuum lifting technology and provider of heavy-duty material handling equipment, says that the company is poised for future responsible growth amid increasing worldwide demand for reliable and innovative solutions in pipeline, utility, construction and trenchless horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications.

Vacuworx president Bill Solomon said mainstay values of safety, integrity and customer service are driving the company forward with plans to enlarge the scope of its manufacturing capabilities at home and the continued formation of qualified relationships with select equipment distributors to meet the material-handling needs of contractors working in oil, gas, water, sewer, construction, road construction, and horizontal and directional drilling industries across the globe.

Vacuworx began doing business in May 1999, and the following year introduced its first RC Series lifter with a compact design that ultimately revolutionized the way pipe is handled in the field. In 2008, the company launched the MC 3 Series “mini lifter” to serve the utility and compact-equipment host markets. Since the turn of the millennium, the ingenuity of Vacuworx has expanded alongside both the versatility and lifting capacities of its machines, and in the mid-2000s it released a series of vacuum pad systems designed to safely handle all diameters of coated and non-coated pipe, as well as steel plate, still piling, concrete slabs and concrete road barriers, among other applications.

Today, Vacuworx engineers machines and vacuum pad systems to handle an array of heavy-duty materials in a variety of pipeline, construction or utility related applications, with the lifting capacities of its MC Series and RC Series lifters ranging from 6,600 lbs to 44,000 lbs or more, depending on the series of lifter and vacuum pad configuration. Last year, the company officially unveiled the Vacuworx Concrete Road Barrier System to serve road construction and defense contractors, as well municipalities and the U.S. military. Vacuworx recently launched its new lightweight HDD Pipe Handling System, which uses wireless remote control operation and the latest vacuum lifting technology to tilt and place drill stem at angles between 0 and 30 degrees without the use of ropes or slings.

Over past four years, Vacuworx has tripled its inventories and more than doubled the size of its workforce, reflecting its wherewithal in a global marketplace and commitment to meeting the needs of clients searching for long-term solutions in terms of products reinforced by a dedicated service department, maintenance technicians and parts available for shipping 365 days a year.

The 15th anniversary of Vacuworx coincides with other recent milestones in the company’s history, including the launch of a new mobile-friendly website, the opening of a dedicated office in Australia, plans to further expand the footprint of its manufacturing capabilities in Tulsa, and reception of an export award presented on behalf of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin recognizing the company’s successful entrance into the worldwide marketplace. Additionally, Vacuworx Quality Management System has been recommended by registrar Det Norske Veritas to the International Standards Organization for certification to the ISO Standard 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems.
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