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Utilicor Technologies Adds Manager of Field Operations

Jody Robles Utilicor


Utilicor Technologies Inc. recently welcomed Jody Robles as its manager of field operations. He is responsible for working with Utilicor’s expanding network of Ditch Witch dealers to provide the sales teams and service technicians with enhanced product knowledge that will enable them to better understand and address the buyer’s needs when it comes to keyhole coring technology.

In addition to hands-on training, Robles will elaborate on the value proposition that keyhole coring and reinstatement technology represents, and the unique way that the Ditch Witch and Utilicor product lines come together to better serve the needs of gas and water utilities, their contractors and the community that they all serve.

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Robles joins the Utilicor team from SouthWest Gas in Tempe Arizona, where during his 17 years of service he rose to become the resident expert on keyhole coring and reinstatement technology and established it, along with vacuum excavation, as the approved and preferred method of performing and repairing pavement utility cuts throughout the company’s service area in Arizona, California and Nevada.

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As a service and construction technician, Robles actually made use of the keyhole coring process in a number of operations that included: cathodic protection, distribution pipe and service replacement using HDD and Split & Pull, and the connection and abandonment of services on moratorium roadways.

For the last 10 years, as technical instructor and operations tools, equipment and field technologies specialist on the gas operations support staff, Robles was responsible for keyhole and other training of employees and contractors and organized a number of demonstrations of the process for municipal transportation agencies that gained acceptance of the process in a dozen or more cities, and the adoption of the process by other natural gas utilities throughout the United States.

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“I am thrilled to be part of the Utilicor team,” said Robles. “After military service, my entire career has been spent in the natural gas industry where I have been active in the development and training of others in the use of keyhole technology and its application across a broad spectrum of construction and maintenance operations. I look forward to continuing that role by working with all of our Ditch Witch dealers to help them meet the needs of our current and future customers.”

“We are very excited to welcome Jody to our team at Utilicor,” said Marshall Pollock, president and CEO of Utilicor Technologies. “Not only can he help us improve the customer relationship quality of our team, but he will help us to know better what our customers want and what both our Ditch Witch partners and we do best.  That will enable us to focus our efforts on where those two meet.”

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SOURCE – Utilicor Technologies

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