Utilicor Technologies Inc. has announced theappointment of UPSCO Inc. as the distributor of its full line of truck andskid-steer mounted rotary coring equipment and Utilibond-based reinstatementtechnology in the northeast U.S.

Headquartered in Moravia, N.Y., UPSCOhas regional offices serving Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, RhodeIsland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland,Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Ohio andKentucky.

Utilicor Technologies Inc. is the manufacturer and distributorof a unique rotary coring pavement excavation and restoration technology thatcost-effectively cores through all kinds of paved surfaces to enable crews tovacuum excavate and view subsurface activity or repair underground plant fromthe road surface using long handled tools.

UPSCO Inc.was established in1965 as a manufacturer of prefabricated meter sets for the natural gas industryand has since expanded to become a supplier of diverse high quality products,services, and new technologies to all the utility industries. UPSCO currentlyrepresents such industry leaders as MBW, McElroy Mfg., Melfred Borzall,Smith-Blair, PolyPipe, PSI, Rycom Instruments, Trenton Corp. and otherhigh-quality products and services.

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