Underground Solutions Inc. (Pink Sheets: symbol UGSI) hasannounced that it has entered into an agreement with Gajeske Inc. to establish aFusible PVC Fusion Service Center to become a full-service stocking distributorof the company’s proprietary Fusible C-900, Fusible C-905 and Fusible PVCproduct line throughout Texas.

The company’s products will be available in stock for all sizes up to adiameter of 16 in., with additional sizes and pressure ratings available onorder. As a UGSI Fusion Service Center, Gajeske will be providing UGSI certifiedPVC fusion equipment for rental or purchase, certified technicians toefficiently and effectively assist in the installation of UGSI’s products andin-house and on the job training and certification of new UGSI licensedcontractors.

Mark Smith, UGSI president and CEO stated, “The addition of Gajeske Inc. toour product and service delivery team is a natural fit for both of ourorganizations. The Gajeske’s bring a rich tradition of technical expertise andoutstanding customer service. UGSI’s products and services give Gajeskeadditional offerings to capitalize on the growing municipal water and wastewatermarkets.”

Gajeske Inc. was founded in 1986 by Bob Gajeske Sr., a pioneer in thespecialty piping business. Gajeske Inc. was started with a stock of smalldiameter pipe and tubing for the gas distribution industry and has grown to afull service company offering a wide variety of products and services for theoil and gas, municipal and industrial markets.

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