TT-UK Trains in Saudi Arabia

TT-UK, in co-operation with their Saudi Arabian agent, has recently carried out product training in the correct use and operational aspects of the Grundomat Soil Displacement technique for installing service pipes and cables throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The major city expansion both in Jeddah and Riyadh will require the increased use of trenchless technologies (currently known in the region as No Dig Road Crossing – NDRC) as the industrial and

commercial demand increases for fiber-optic cable networks and increased water and sanitation capacities.

The operational training consisted of trial bores using Grundomats 45- and 75-mm diameter models for the under road and property service connections to install 32- and 63-mm diameter PE pipes.

The hot, dusty and mixed ballast (sandy, with rock inclusions) ground conditions were easily dealt with by the Grundomats due to their proven moving head design.

Precise target accuracy is the main reason for Grundomats international success, which is achieved with the unique two-stroke impact moving head method.

Should a buried obstacle be encountered and forward propulsion hindered, the chisel/multi-cutter cone in the reciprocating head will continue “chiseling” independently until the obstruction is fragmented and displaced.
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