Vector Magnetics

Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Vector Magnetics

A Culture of Innovation

Beginning with the introduction of the ParaTrack AC Guidance System to the Horizontal Directional Drilling market in 1999, Vector Magnetics has produced a string of guidance innovations that have helped redefine what is feasible by HDD. This small, family-owned operation is a continuous hub of innovation for HDD guidance systems for mid-to-maxi sized rigs. ParaTrack hardware, electronics, and software are designed and manufactured in Ithaca, NY.

Milestones for ParaTrack include:

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  • The ParaTrack2 AC Guide Wire, which greatly increases usable range over DC systems while reducing survey time and wire gauge requirements.
  • The first HDD intersection under the Tees River in England in the year 2000, with secondary tracking provided by an offset ParaTrack guide wire.
  • The Beacon Tracker System which enables surface tracking at ranges of up to 300’ from a portable unit that eliminates the need to lay and survey a guide wire.
  • The At-Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA), the industry’s first and only wireless survey tool at the bit.
  • Pipe and annular pressure monitoring and logging in a compact stand-alone module that can be maintained and repaired independent of the associated guidance equipment.
  • The ParaTrack Gyro Module, the industry’s most accurate gyro guidance tool, compatible with the full range of ParaTrack guidance offerings and integrated into the standard RivCross software UI.

Today, ParaTrack is the guidance system of choice for rig owners who want the most accurate guidance system available, in a package that provides them with the flexibility they need to take on a wide variety of projects. ParaTrack is available as a turn-key guidance service from our distributor partners Inrock and Prime Horizontal or can be owned and operated by contractors themselves. With a modular design that can be expanded as needs dictate, no other system on the market has the physical range and operational flexibility of a ParaTrack Guidance System.