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Digging Safer and Smarter with Mud Dog® Vacuum Excavators

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There are more than 100 billion feet of underground utilities located in northern America. In the U.S. alone, a utility line is hit every six minutes causing power and utility disruption, injuries and even death. Compared to abrasive, traditional machinery, vacuum excavators offer the safer, smarter and more precise digging method. Mud Dog® Vacuum Excavators are designed to meet the challenges of compact, urban projects to large-scale excavation by offering versatility, safety and productivity on the jobsite.


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Mud Dogs come in a variety of model configurations¬ to tackle applications in various environments, including harsh conditions. The 700 offers a compact footprint for excavation in urban environments while maximizing payload and maintaining the power and precision that larger units offer. The 1200 offers consistent performance and precision for excavation during mid to large-scale projects. The 1600 is the largest vacuum excavator in the industry offering maximum payload and performance for large-scale excavation in the harshest environments; no project is too big or too tough to tackle.


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The use of large, traditional machinery on a jobsite can be risky and hazardous to operators and even the surrounding community. Due to the precision and non-destructive nature of utilizing compressed air or pressurized water, vacuum excavation is the safer solution. With the Mud Dog, an operator can choose to dig with the most efficient and safest application for the job or environment at hand. Soil conditions can vary from soft topsoil to clay to limestone or rock; each of these requires a different excavation strategy: air, water, or both. 

Air excavation is desired in applications where soil tends to be less compact, water is not easily available, small-scale projects or backfill is required. Additionally, when working with buried electrical lines or brittle utilities, air excavation is often preferred due to lower operating pressures and its non-conductivity. Hydro excavation is desired in applications where soil is made of dense materials or frozen. Hydro excavation also does not produce nearly as much high velocity debris as air excavation, reducing the risk of damage to utilities and injuries to operators.

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Excavating in remote areas or narrow streets and roads with traditional equipment can cause damage to the surrounding landscape and increase traffic congestion, which can be hazardous and inconvenient. When cables, utility lines or water mains need to be repaired or installed in these hard-to-reach areas, vacuum excavation provides an ideal solution. The unit can be located away from the excavation site by utilizing an extendable, 8-inch diameter boom that rotates and pivots downward. 

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Mud Dogs also come with features to ensure efficient workflow and productivity, including variable blower and water pump speed. These allow for increased digging effectiveness, water conservation and fuel efficiency.

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Product innovation, customer satisfaction and ensuring the safety of businesses and operators in the industry has been and will continue to be a priority for Super Products. Partner with Super Products for your next excavation project.

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