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Trenchless Technology Game Changers: Barbco

Barbco Push or Pull

Over the past 30 years, Barbco Inc. and Trenchless Technology Magazine have both shared monumental feats of growth. None of which would have been possible if it weren’t for the two founders, James Barbera and Bernard Krzys. Jim and Bernie’s business relationship goes all the way back to the 80’s, where they both worked together at American Augers. Along with their fields of work, the two friends had much in common. They both are from Ohio, and both are members of the prestigious NASTT Hall of Fame- which honors NASTT members who have made outstanding accomplishments and exceptional contributions to the advancement of the North American trenchless industry and to NASTT.

After opening Barbco in 1989, Jim started off manufacturing augers, cutting heads, and other ancillary tools. In 1991, Barbco began the manufacturing of auger boring machines (ABM) and shortly after began to manufacture horizontal directional drills.

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In July of 1992 when Trenchless Technology Magazine made its debut, Jim ran a Barbco, Auger Boring Machine ad in the first issue of Trenchless Technology magazine, which was the catalyst for a life long business relationship, as well as a rebirth of their friendship that began at American Augers.

Since then, Barbco and Trenchless Technology have continued to work together to promote the trenchless industry. So much so that just this past April at the 2022 No-Dig Show, Barbco was awarded with a “Customer Appreciation Award” for the continued support of Bernie and the Trenchless Technology Magazine. Members from the Barbera family received the award on behalf of Jim and showed their gratitude towards everybody in the trenchless industry.

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To this day, Barbco Inc. stays true to its roots. Continuing to manufacture the most robust auger boring machines on the market, while offering service that reminds you that at Barbco, you’re a name, not just a number.

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