Trenchless Technology Being Used to Save Roads in India

To make sure that no destruction is caused to the properly tarred road along Kanglapat starting from in front of Governor’s gate and disturb movement of people, the Kolkata based Skipper Steel Limited has proposed to the State Government for taking up the task of laying the pipeline of the Imphal Sewerage Project along the said route, according to an article in the Sangai Express.

Disclosing this to The Sangai Express, an official source informed that, the State Government has accepted the proposal of the company which would employ trenchless technology in laying the pipeline of the project in some parts of Imphal city.

A team of engineers of the company had recently come down to Imphal to inspect the sites where trenchless technology would be employed in laying the pipeline.

Along with giving assurance to the engineers of the State PHED that the technology could be applied successfully in laying the pipeline without digging up trenches, the team had also collected samples for soil testing, the source informed.

Under this technology, only a small ditch would be required to be dug up and with the help of the machine called Trenchless the pipeline would be laid underground without ever requiring to dig up from the surface, the source explained, adding that with this technology there would be no need for causing disturbance to the movement of the people and save from pollution.

The source disclosed that the sites where the trenchless technology is to be applied for laying the pipeline of the Sewerage Project include Nityaipat Chuthek, from in front of Johnstone School to in from of GM Hall, along Thangal Bazar road, from Ima Keithel side along flyover bridge to Samu Makhong, from in front of Post Office to Kangla via the traffic crossing near Chief Minister’s bungalow.

Instead of the earlier proposal of land eviction from Cosmo Dental at Uripok to in front of Cheirap Court for the purpose of laying the pipeline, application of the trenchless technology has also been mooted, the source informed, adding that the pipe to be used cost around Rs 39,000 per metre and the company would be arranging the required pipes.

Earlier rate quotation had been even from sought from various outside firms in connection with purchasing a trenchless machine from the sanctioned fund of the project.

But after considering that it would be futile to spend so much amount if the machine could not be operated properly, it was decided to drop the idea of purchasing the machine and hand over the contract work to a company, the source added.
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