2019 Trenchless Technology Road Show Rolling into Richmond

Book Your Hotel, Pack Your Bags for 2019’s Trenchless Technology Road Show

To help feed the thirst for trenchless knowledge in British Columbia, the 2019 Trenchless Technology Road Show is headed for Vancouver (Richmond), May 6-8.

The biennial West Coast show is once again organized by the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT), Benjamin Media Inc. (publisher of Trenchless Technology Canada) and the North American Society for Trenchless Technology’s British Columbia Chapter (NASTT-BC).

As always, the show will feature two full days — May 7 and 8 — of technical presentations and exhibits bringing you the latest advancements in trenchless technology.

For those wanting to pack more trenchless education into the trip —and based on attendee feedback at previous Road Shows — organizers have planned five trenchless short courses. The three full-day (“Introduction to Trenchless Construction Methods,” “Microtunnelling Construction Means, Methods, and Design” and “Culverts Renovation and Replacement Using Trenchless Solutions”) and the two half-day courses (“Utility Construction Damage Prevention and Risk Mitigation” and “Manhole Deterioration and Renovation”) take place May 6.

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The main event will feature 11 sessions, with more than 50 technical presentations, covering among other things, asset management, pipelines condition assessment, subsurface utility engineering, trenchless technologies and the renewal of underground pipelines and utility ducts.

All of the 2019 Trenchless Technology Road Show events take place at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond, British Columbia.

Register by March 29 and save $100. Two-day registration is $550 for CATT and NASTT members and $650 for non-members. Single day registration is available for $450 or $500 each day.

Exhibits and Demos

Due to the popularity of the show, and further highlighting the growth potential of the trenchless market in British Columbia, the exhibit hall is almost sold out. In addition to exhibiting at the show, there are outdoor demos available. Contact Brittany Cline, at bcline@benjaminmedia.com to reserve a tabletop exhibit or if you are interested in hosting an outdoor demo. Demos are scheduled to take place following lunch before the technical sessions resume.

The following are some exhibitor capsules showcasing what some of the 2019 Trenchless Technology Road Show exhibitors will be showcasing at the event.

For additional information about the show, including the full agenda, registration, hotel information and sponsorship opportunities, visit trenchlessroadshow.ca.


Akkerman microtunnelling systems are a fusion of productivity, dependability and accuracy to precisely install gravity flow pipelines requiring exact line and grade in virtually any ground condition. Center-drive microtunnel boring machines (MTBMs) are available in standard sizes of 30- to 74-in. OD. Face access, peripheral drive MTBMs for extended and curved tunnels are available in standard sizes of 72- to 114-in. OD. Face access MTBMs feature cutter head back-loaded tooling mounts making access and replacement of worn tooling a simple process. All MTBMs feature high pressure jetting nozzles, an articulated steering joint with three-point steering control, and hydraulically activated dirt wings to minimize MTBM roll. Cutter heads and crushing cones are hard-faced to withstand wear and customized for specific ground conditions. MTBMs can be outfitted with increase kits for adaptability for a variety of diameters of pipe. Our microtunneling systems are manufactured in-house at our Minnesota headquarters, allowing for expedited parts and service to minimize project delays. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your project at 800-533-0386.

AP/M Permaform

AP/M Permaform

AP/M Permaform offers cost-effective trenchless repair of deteriorated underground structures. For rehabilitation of existing manholes, catch basins, lift stations and similar structures, Permacast, a fine aggregate cementitious liner system, is centrifugally cast at the best thickness for the condition, depth, traffic loading and ground water pressure of the existing structure. CentriPipe is our fully structural cementitious liner for brick, RCP, and CMP sanitary and storm pipe 30 in. diameter and larger whether round, arched or elliptical. ConMicShield liquid additive protects combined and sanitary concrete tunnels and structures from microbially induced corrosion (MIC) throughout the concrete matrix. For economical and effective waterproofing protection of new and existing concrete tunnels, subway systems, sewer pipe, bridge decks, and other concrete structures where water damage may occur, Crystal-X internal crystalline membrane waterproofing system offers the protection your structures need.

Apex Services Inc.Apex Services Inc.

Apex Services is your one stop shop for drilled solids removal, power generation, cuttings storage, fluid handling and remote accommodation. We have eight full service branches across Western Canada, so help is never far from your location. From the smallest submersible pumps, to full drilling mud reclamation systems, to the most comfortable on-site accommodations in the industry, we’re here to help. Check out our full product range at apexoil.ca, or give us a call at 877-347-1628.


Problems with fluid loss in unconsolidated formations? HERCUL-EZ is ideal for difficult-to-drill applications such as large river crossings or in gravel/cobble. The extreme shear-thinning nature is well suited for mud recycling systems and for situations where excessive flow rates and pump pressures are to be avoided. Not for use with PAC’s, PHPA’s, and thinners. Certified to NSF Standard 60. Our complete line of professional drilling products will keep your operations running at peak efficiency and will enhance the cost-effectiveness of your drilling operations. The experienced team of field engineers and research scientists at CETCO offer drillers on-site mud schools, advanced technical support, and continuous product development. Excellent service and support is a priority at CETCO. Check out our complete line of professional drilling products and other useful tools such as our HDD Calculator on our website at cetco.com/dpg.

Corix Water ProductsCorix Water Products

Corix Water Products provides quality service and solutions from waterworks and irrigation supplies to water meters, TenCate geotextiles, and engineered products. Our team is committed to providing expert knowledge and superior customer service. Learn more at corixwaterproducts.com.


Infrastructure across North America is in poor condition, increasing the risk of service disruption. The use of trenchless technology as a relatively new method of installing and maintaining underground pipes without need for excavation is one that Deep Trekker has been highly experienced in for years. The DT340 Pipe Crawler is fully submersible up to 50 meters, equipped with a pan/tilt/zoom camera to inspect hard to reach areas and it offers intuitive piloting for municipalities and operators. Its unique portability and onboard batteries mean instant deployment on site, and no CCTV truck required to operate. Deep Trekker has developed new ways to make inspections simple and more cost effective. Equipped with a lightweight control console, wheel and track options — completely customizable, and plug-and-play integration, the DT340 is an innovative solution to the risk of breaks, cracks and leaks in underwater structures, before they become a serious issue to cities and municipalities.

GeoScan Subsurface SurveysGeoScan Subsurface Surveys

GeoScan Subsurface Surveys is Western Canada’s leading provider of Ground Penetrating Radar and subsurface investigation services, including Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE). Save time and money on infrastructure, development and civil contracts using our pre-design designating and locating service. GeoScan’s experienced, qualified and certified technicians locate, survey and map all existing underground infrastructure on site including unknowns, producing an accurate as-built site plan of underground infrastructure. Our team of 35 professionals with offices in Burnaby and Victoria can undertake a variety of project sizes and are capable of a rapid project turnaround. We adhere to subsurface utility engineering (SUE) industry standards and are able to provide a professional engineer sign off on our deliverables. To talk to one of our experienced technicians about how we can help your next project save time and money or for a free estimate contact GeoScan at 604-436-7226 or 250-891-9364 or info@geoscan.ca.


Hobas Pipe USA has been manufacturing centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe at its Houston plant since 1987. CCFRPM is inherently corrosion resistant and last 100 years or more. After more than a quarter-century of reliable service, most U.S. municipalities have used Hobas pipe in new construction and rehab in critical installations. Contractors prefer its leak-free, push-together joints that reduce installation time and costs. Main Hobas benefits are superior hydraulics, lightweight, high strength and long, maintenance-free service life. Applications include storm and sanitary sewers, potable water, force mains, outfalls, industrial effluents and other corrosive environments. Hobas is ideal for a variety of installation methods including nearly every trenchless application: sliplining, jacking, microtunnelling, two-pass tunnel and casing carrier plus open cut and above ground. Hobas offers pipes ranging from 18 to 126 in. diameter and is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.


Interplastic Corp.

ONESTEP CIPP resin system is a Patented system from Interplastic Corp. It is designed to be a simpler, safer process for initiating a CIPP resin. This system offers the benefit of using a single, liquid initiator. The system provides mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance comparable to currently available CIPP resins. The ONESTEP system is available with several different resin formulations, both neat and enhanced. ONESTEP system benefits include; Comparable costs to currently available systems, Energy cost savings, Labor savings, safety benefits, no need for mixing a dust or flake, requires no heating and system working time minimizes premature liner gelation. Vinyl ester and styrene free vinyl esters in the ONESTEP version will be available before the end of the year.


Lafarge Pipe designs and manufactures a wide range of precast underground infrastructure components that include jacking pipe and microtunnel pipe. With plants in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, we are able to leverage resources and expertise to provide our customers with highly relevant solutions.

LMK Technologies

LMK’s T-Liner, which is a one-piece main to lateral connection system with Insignia hydrophilic gasket sealing technology, is fully compliant with ASTM F2561. The full circle CIPP mainline portion creates a 50-year structural repair while the lateral portion simultaneously renews the lateral up to 150 ft. LMK TechnologiesT-Liner uses ASTM F3240 compliant Insignia O-ring gaskets at the lateral termination and a connection hat, both made of hydrophilic rubber, at the main-to-lateral connection, creating a long-term water-tight seal to match the structural life. This system can be installed with either polyester or epoxy resin in lined or unlined mainlines. All of LMK main-to-lateral connections systems are installed by licensed, trained and independent contractors who make a significant investment to ensure successful installations are achieved. LMK’s installers are first required to complete an extensive and rigorous training course at LMK’s state of the art facility followed up by field training.

Mar-Tech UndergroundMar-Tech Underground Services Ltd.

Mar-Tech Underground Services Ltd. is a trenchless service-based company that offers many services such as cured in place lining, CIPP point repairs, cast in place lining, manhole, mainline and lateral grouting, video inspection of mainlines, as well as laterals and manholes and a launch camera, which can video from the mainline up towards the home, laser profiling, pipe re-rounding, as well as hydro excavation and cleaning. Mar-Tech has a history of providing quality services all over British Columbia for cities, municipalities, industrial sites, mills and contractors. Over its 20-year history Mar-Tech has grown steadily from its start in 1998 with a couple of employees, to date now with more than 50 employees. We offer a wide range of high-quality equipment along with a large number of long-term staff which combined gives us the resources to offer quality solutions to almost any problem that is presented to us in our field of work.

MillikenMilliken Infrastructure Solutions

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions (MIS) helps extend the life of the world’s infrastructure. More than just a materials provider, we partner with the industry to deliver a series of concrete repair solutions to help strengthen, repair, protect and rehabilitate assets. Among these solutions is our GeoSpray geopolymer mortar, which facilitates the creation of a new structural pipe within the old pipe with little to no public disruption. This repair system is specifically formulated and engineered for rehabilitating pipes, culverts and containment areas through a process that requires no digging, virtually eliminating traffic delays, and is faster to install than many other repair or rehabilitation products. For an improved performance and strengthened result with lower total installation costs than alternative methods, we can help engineer the right solution for the application. MIS is a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, a global innovation leader.


Sauereisen Inc.

Sauereisen, Inc., a 120-year-old, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA-based company and industry leading manufacturer, provides worldwide product distribution of specialty cements and corrosion-resistant materials of construction. The company is dedicated to establishing expertise in the prevention of corrosion and the restoration of structures compromised by corrosion. We manufacture sealants, corrosion barriers and substrate repair materials for the protection and restoration of wastewater infrastructure. From collection systems to treatment facilities, Sauereisen offers materials to resist acidic environments and prevent I&I. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past century and look forward to solving challenges with our customers over the next 120 years.

Source OneSource One Environmental

Source One Environmental (S1E) is proud to announce the opening of a brand-new training facility – FS1 Tech. FS1 Tech is located in Davison, Michigan where you can receive hands on training for all Source One products. Become certified and an expert in all PipePatch repair systems, Picote Solutions, water management solutions, camera inspection technology, lateral lining systems and more. S1E welcomes plumbers, contractors, technicians, engineers, municipalities and anyone in the underground industry who is committed to learning best practices from S1E. FS1 offers hands on training from experts in a controlled environment where the trainee can focus on fundamentals without distraction.

WallaceWallace Construction Specialties Ltd.

Wallace Construction Specialties Ltd. has been supplying top quality products to the construction industry for 45 years. We represent leading manufacturers in the industry so that we can provide quality products at competitive prices. Wallace Construction Specialties Ltd. has been involved in the trenchless technology industry for over 25 years. We got involved in trenchless when we became the Canadian distributor of Avanti’s grout products. Avanti is the manufacturer of the most time tested products to help fight I&I in sewers. In the early 2000s we partnered with RootX. RootX is an aquatic herbicide that eliminates tree roots in both lateral and mainline sewers. In 2011 Wallace introduced Trelleborg Pipe Seals to the Canadian marketplace. Trelleborg Pipe Seals are a market leader in the provision of equipment and materials for pipeline maintenance, repair and rehabilitation. We are also proud to represent 8KPlus Spincasting Mortar and AEGIS MIC Control for Canada.
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