Vermeer Corp VP of Operations Mindi Vanden Bosch

Third Generation Family Member to Lead Vermeer Corp. Operations

Mindi Vanden Bosch has been named the next vice president of operations at Vermeer Corp.

Prior to joining Vermeer in 2008, Vanden Bosch held roles in continuous improvement at Cascade Engineering and treasury management at Fifth Third Bank. At Vermeer, she has held leadership roles in marketing, finance, human resources, continuous improvement and most recently served as the managing director for the Forage Solutions Product Group.

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“Vermeer is a part of who I am. I love the people, I love the product we build, I love the impact our equipment makes. Having watched Vermeer grow as an organization through the leadership of my grandfather, my uncle, my mother and now my brother, I’m excited to take the experiences I’ve had to help lead the team and the important work they do,” said Vanden Bosch.

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“Mindi’s passion for people, and her love for problem solving, bring important qualities to our operations. Personally, I’m proud to have my sister take this role and oversee such a critical part of our business and lead a large, important part of our workforce,” said Jason Andringa, president and CEO.

Vermeer Corp. is family-owned and -operated, celebrating nearly 75 years of operation. The Vermeer family and Vermeer leadership have built intentional succession plans for family members who want to be a part of the business. Both Andringa and Vanden Bosch have worked extensively with the board of directors, company leadership and family office to meet the leadership requirements.

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“Operating a family business requires incredible intentionality. The Vermeer family saw that early on and implemented important steps to help build a successful business while maintaining healthy family involvement. Having Mindi move into this role demonstrates the forward-thinking of those involved in business planning,” said Brian Gardner, chair of the board at Vermeer Corp.

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SOURCE – Vermeer Corp.