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SWIM Center to Host Workshop on Resilient and Sustainable Water Infrastructure

SWIM Center LogoCritical water sector infrastructure systems face a multitude of hazards that must be identified, assessed,  communicated, and managed appropriately. Recent hurricanes, floods, droughts, fires, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, and aging infrastructure remind us that natural, technological, and human-caused hazards take a high toll on communities.

In these challenging times, water sector utilities must focus on maximizing value and leveraging their investment wherever possible. To address the issues facing water and wastewater utilities, the SWIM (Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management) Center is hosting a workshop and conference Dec. 6-7 at the Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, Virginia.

Participants will get an understanding of the “Best Use” of leading practices for achieving resiliency and sustainability; learn from “Utility Case Studies” related to advanced asset management practices, and contribute to the creation of “Best Practices” for water sector infrastructure management.

Anyone interested in learning the latest practices, techniques, and strategies for sustainable and resilient water infrastructure systems should plan to attend.

Information can be found at www.cpe.vt.edu/swim/index.html
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