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Structural Technologies Expands its Pipeline Product Offering

Structural Technologies, a leading provider of infrastructure repair products and services, today announced a major product line expansion within its Pipeline Division. With the completion of agreements with Sipp Technologies LLC (SippTech) and Ashimori Industries Co. LTD., Structural Technologies is adding three new systems to its StrongPIPE suite of products.

Structural Technologies StrongPipe

Structural Technologies StrongPIPE V-Wrap Carbon Fiber system installation on large diameter pipeline.

Structural Technologies leads the trenchless pipeline repair industry with innovation and best-in-class performance.  Known for its fully-structural StrongPIPE V-Wrap Carbon Fiber repair and renewal systems, Structural Technologies provides pipeline repairs to water and wastewater agencies, power generation stations and industrial facilities across the United States and Canada.

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The first step in their product line expansion is the acquisition of the exclusive worldwide license for SippTech. SippTech products include two internal robotic lining systems which will be added to the StrongPIPE product line as StrongPIPE MICP (Manufactured-In-Place-Composite-Pipe) and StrongPIPE EXL (Extended-Life Liner).

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These repair and renewal systems are comprised of custom-designed combinations of specialized polyurethanes and (in the case of the MICP product) a carbon fiber matrix that creates a fully structural Class IV lining product.

MICP and EXL are installed using SippTech’s advanced robotics platform – an industry game-changer which will improve the safety, efficiency and quality of pipelining projects, delivering feasible and cost-effective alternatives to current large diameter pressure pipe rehab systems.

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Kent Weisenberg, former CEO/CTO of SippTech, and will remain chief technology officer of Structural Technologies’ Pipeline Robotics Division.

“I am pleased to join Structural Technologies and look forward to combining our robotic mechanizations with Structural Technologies’ reputation in the industry and ability to safely and successfully implement pipe lining projects,” said Weisenberg.

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Ashimori PALTEM

StrongPIPE PALTEM Flow-Ring System installation in rectangular pipeline.

The second step in the product line expansion includes an agreement with Ashimori Industries, Co. LTD., of Osaka, Japan, to become the exclusive provider and installer of the PALTEM Flow-Ring System in the United States and Canada. The StrongPIPE PALTEM Flow-Ring System is a composite system consisting of steel rings, HDPE strips and high-strength specialty grout.

The Flow-Ring System is well-suited for wastewater applications and can be custom-designed to meet a variety of pipe shapes and loading conditions. This repair system is utilized throughout Japan and has a nearly 20-year track record of successful installations and performance. Structural Technologies is pleased to bring this pipeline repair product to the United States and Canada and will focus its use on wastewater pipelines including gravity systems and culverts.

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“We are committed to growth through innovation, and we look forward to the opportunity to combine our ability to work with pipeline owners with the SippTech and Ashimori products,” said Peter Emmons, founder and CEO of Structural Technologies. “These new systems, and the robotics platform, will enhance our capability to address ongoing pipeline infrastructure challenges with reduced construction time, minimal disruption, and higher value.”

Structural Technologies is a leading manufacturer and installer of pipeline rehabilitation systems, and with these additions to the StrongPIPE family of products, will continue to expand its ability to deliver long term structural upgrades to large and small diameter pipeline systems.

SOURCE – Structural Technologies