Stop Dreaming… Longer-Lasting HDD Components are a Reality!

Are you still applying hard face welding to your HDD components? Still spending countless labor hours in an attempt to beef up your bits, housings, and collars? There’s a better solution, and it’s only available from Kondex! Our Drill Defender HDD components feature laser cladding on all the high-wear areas to outperform and outlast hard face welding! This cladding adds a very carbide-dense layer of protection that’s metallurgically bonded to the base material so it won’t easily chip or wear off. And because it’s robotically applied, you gain wear protection in areas that require pinpoint accuracy to protect. You’ll notice a big difference in your toughest conditions! 

Our product line-up includes a variety of bits and components, including:

  • Cobble Bits: Gain more footage and better bit performance with Kondex Drill Defender cobble bits. These bits offer improved steering and a longer-retained cutting edge and bit shape, giving you up to 10 times more footage per bit over alternatives! Kondex cobble bits are affordably priced and available in 4” and 5” bore diameters for mid-size HDD rigs. 
  • Dirt Bits: Gain better and prolonged steering with our Drill Defender dirt bits. Available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, and all featuring our laser cladding wear protection, these bits are ready to tackle a variety of ground conditions. 
  • Starter Rods & Collars: Tired of frequent starter rod breaks caused by worn-down material? Only Kondex Drill Defender starter rods and collars have a tungsten carbide shield of wear protection surrounding this area. Our laser cladding’s precision application offers the consistency needed to keep a clean connection that stands up to tough conditions. 
  • Sonde Housings: COMING SOON! Our splined Drill Defender sonde housings are made of a higher-grade steel than the industry standard and feature our exclusive laser cladding that (unlike hard facing) won’t weaken the part. Kondex housings provide greater strength and better protection for your investment. 
    Visit our online store at for more product information and pricing, or call Kevin at 920-238-2915 to discuss how Kondex products can improve your jobsite costs and drill performance. 

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