Spraywall by Sprayroq

SprayWall®: Reinforcing Underground Infrastructure with Unmatched Strength 

In the trenchless technology industry, finding a rehabilitation solution that offers ease of installation and exceptional structural integrity is paramount. For three decades, Sprayroq’s SprayWall structural lining system has stood out as the industry-leading choice for rehabilitating underground assets such as manholes, large-diameter pipes, and other critical water and wastewater infrastructure. 

Our spray-applied polyurethane coating is engineered to provide both structural enhancement and corrosion resistance. Its remarkable mechanical properties set it apart in terms of strength and durability, surpassing traditional Class A concrete. 

With a compressive strength exceeding 18,000 psi, SprayWall outperforms standard concrete by more than fourfold. This exceptional strength enables it to withstand enormous hydrostatic, soil, and traffic loads, which is crucial for underground applications where pressure is constant. 

Additionally, SprayWall boasts a tensile strength greater than 7,450 psi, significantly surpassing concrete’s capabilities. This superior strength minimizes the risk of cracks and structural failure, ensuring a longer service life and fewer maintenance needs. 

Third-party D-Load testing further validates SprayWall’s load-bearing performance, reinforcing the host structure and enabling it to handle increased service loads without compromising integrity. 

SprayWall’s exceptional resistance to the effects of typical municipal raw sewage flows, rapid cure time, and seamless application make it ideal for underground environments prone to wear and corrosion. 

SprayWall offers an advanced, reliable, and cost-effective solution for maintaining and enhancing the integrity of underground infrastructure. For infrastructure managers seeking to invest in the future of their assets, choosing SprayWall means opting for unmatched structural capabilities in trenchless rehabilitation. 

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