SSC To Educate International Trenchless Professionals

Arvid Veidmark III, Specialized Services Co. Executive Vice President, said the techniques his firm has refined in the Arizona desert for the past 40 years will help engineers in the Middle East design utility infrastructures that reduce the impact on the environment, while reducing the cost of installation.
“Digging a trench to run utility lines across highways, waterways, and under railroad crossings, is expensive, dangerous, and disruptive to the local community,” he explained. “By using trenchless technology instead, the cost and time, as well as impact on the environment, for the same project is cut dramatically.”
Veidmark will present at Trenchless Middle East 2009, the region’s largest and most prestigious meeting for trenchless technology, Feb. 16-19 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates,and March 29-April 3 in Toronto at the International No-Dig Show, the largest trenchless technology event in North America.
His presentation “Auger Boring Challenges in the Virgin Islands” discusses atypical pipeline installations in the most challenging of soil conditions.
Veidmark has more than two decades of trenchless operational experience and holds multiple licenses and certifications.  In addition to estimating and consulting for this family-owned company, who is celebrating their 40th anniversary this summer, he hosts monthly seminars and webinars to educate construction professionals on the benefits of trenchless technology.   
SSC provides trenchless auger boring, directional drilling and vacuum excavating to construction and engineering clients. Founded in 1969, SSC is considered the leading trenchless technology provider in the Southwest.
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