Sharewell PipeVac Sharewell HDD recently announced the launch of PipeVac Lifting Systems. The PipeVac is manufactured with SmartLift Technology Рfrom its sleek, lightweight design to its revolutionary hydraulic-drive system. Each component is selected with safety, performance, and durability in mind.

PipeVac delivers a robust 26-ton lifting capacity and our vacuum pad design allows you to safely lift a wider range of pipe diameters with fewer vacuum pad SKUs. PipeVacis bringing vacuum lifting into the 21st century. The PipeVac can be configured to lift virtually anything tubular such as plastic, steel or concrete pipe, as well as multiple types of flat building materials.

“The PipeVac is a state-of-the-art vacuum lifting system like no other. Our primary focus in developing our system was safety; engineered with a straightforward design,” said Shawn Lowman, PipeVac Lifting Systems. “We have manufactured a lifting system that replaces the need for multiple models; one PipeVac does the same job that our competitors manufacture 4 or 5 different models to do. Our vacuum pad design reduces the need for more than half the SKUs. PipeVac is here to stay and we are raising the bar in the vacuum lifting industry.”

The PipeVac system is powered by the host machine’s hydraulics, no diesel or gas engine is needed. Less hassle, more performance. Our on-board GPS module lets you know exactly where your equipment is located, as well as providing you with diagnostic data on your system, and our proprietary vacuum pad design and pad seal combination provide you with 40 percent more seal life. Get more lifts with PipeVac. The PipeVac System is be available for rental or purchase.

Sharewell HDD is one of the original service providers to the HDD Industry. In business for more than 30 years, the company has successfully provided guidance services and downhole drilling tools for over 4 million feet of hole around the world. Our engineers are highly trained and capable of performing everything from the simplest of road bores to the most complicated compound curves and intersects. We use the most modern tooling and software available to stay in front of the competition.

If you would like more information about the revolutionary PipeVac, or to request pricing on your next project, contact Shawn Lowman at 918-200-7288 or email at

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