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Safety and Education Featured at the 2015 WJTA-IMCA Conference/Expo

The 2015 WJTA-IMCA (WaterJet Technology Association-Industrial & Municipal Cleaning Association) Conference and Expo will be held Nov.  2-4 in New Orleans at the Morial Convention Center. The Conference/Expo is the largest combination academic conference/tradeshow/educational program for high pressure waterjet technology and industrial/municipal cleaning.

Organized and presented by the WJTA-IMCA, the 2015 Conference/Expo will focus on technology, equipment, and safety practices with educational programs, live demonstrations, high-tech product and equipment displays, and networking opportunities.

Representatives from all related industry sectors, including waterjet cutting and manufacturing technologies; waterblast cleaning and field services; paint/coating removal and surface preparation; concrete removal; industrial and municipal vacuuming; hydro excavation; drilling, tunneling and mining; rock cutting; and demilitarization, are invited to attend.

“The Basics and Beyond short course is specifically designed to provide an applied introduction to the technology and practical applications of waterjets and related equipment,” says course coordinator Hugh Miller, Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines. “The course is taught by leading professionals and is intended for anyone with an interest in waterjet technology, ranging from first-time users and new employees to those seeking to increase their level of knowledge, including field techs, suppliers, support staff, engineers, marketing personnel, and potential new users.”

Contractors and industrial facility owners are increasingly looking to automated equipment for their cleaning jobs, and the 2015 Conference/Expo will give industry professionals opportunities to see and learn about new robotic waterblasting equipment, safer and more ergonomic manual/semi-automated waterjetting equipment, and advanced vacuum trucks/hydro excavators through educational programs, innovative live demonstrations, equipment displays and networking events.

The Boot Camp educational program will cover focused, industry-specific information and training to improve safety, productivity and the bottom line. Topics include Air Conveyance through a Vacuum Truck, Hydroblast Training and Certification, Hydrodemolition, Waterblast Nozzle Selection, Power of Industrial Vacuum, Pressure Loss in Waterjet Systems, and Static Electric Hazards.

Safety, Productivity and Quality through Automation is the topic of an hour-long panel discussion with representatives from end user and automation development companies to discuss how the design and application of automated high pressure waterblasting equipment has improved the safety, productivity and quality of industrial cleaning. Panelists include representatives from BASF, E.I. DuPont, HydroChem LLC, Peinemann Equipment B.V., StoneAge Inc., and The Dow Chemical Co.

Leading engineers, researchers and business leaders will share new developments, applications, and theory during paper presentations and case studies on Nov. 2-4.

Participants will see cutting edge equipment operate, the mechanics behind the operation and observe safety practices necessary to avoid jobsite accidents during innovative live demonstrations.

A focused global exposition of new industrial waterjet/waterblast tools and equipment, trucks and service providers will be on display in the exhibit hall. The 2015 Conference/Expo is seeing significant growth in exhibitors and exhibit space, providing even more value for this year’s attendees.

Networking events, including the Northern Safety & Industrial-sponsored Industry Appreciation Reception on Nov. 3, 3:30-5:30 p.m., will give participants opportunities to connect with industry leaders and make valuable new contacts.

Being in the heart of the booming Gulf Coast industrial and energy base and possessing world-class entertainment and dining options, New Orleans is the ideal location for WJTA-IMCA members and attendees.

The schedule of events, exhibitor list, and online registration is available at the new dedicated Conference/Expo website: www.wjtaimca2015.com or contact the WJTA-IMCA by email at wjta-imca@wjta.org or telephone at (314)241-1445.
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