RS Technik and IPR Announce Licensing Agreement

RS Technik recently announced the execution of a licensing agreement with Inland Pipe Rehabilitation (IPR), including its new RS BlueLine pipe rehabilitation system featuring specially formulated Dow epoxy resins for pressure pipe applications. The agreement gives IPR the rights to repair pressure pipelines throughout North America using this proprietary system.

“Everyone recognizes the need for a proven trenchless repair method for pressure pipelines, not only in the water market, but in the wastewater and industrial markets as well,” stated Joanne Hughes, senior vice president of RS Lining Systems with exclusive representation of RS Technik in the Americas. “RS Technik’s CIPP systems have been designed, in part, to address this need and have had great success in Europe.”

RS BlueLine features a mobile wet-out unit and computer-controlled resin ratio and mixing system used to prepare the fiberglass reinforced BlueLiner with MaxPox epoxies, formulated exclusively for RS by The Dow Chemical Co. (Dow). These features help ensure consistent quality installs with faster response and installation time — both of which are important to the long-term performance of the repair and overall protection of the surrounding community and environment.

“This system fits nicely with the portfolio of trenchless product and service solutions we offer our customers,” said IPR vice president of sales and marketing Mike Vellano. “RS Technik systems based on Dow’s proprietary epoxy formulations have an excellent track record. We believe that it provides the long-awaited solution to this very critical repair gap that presently exists in pressure pipe infrastructure.”

RS Technik is a leader in cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology.  IPR provides the most comprehensive suite of trenchless rehabilitation services and technologies, — including pipe bursting, CIPP, and spin-casting technologies — for the repair and maintenance of critical water, wastewater and industrial pipe infrastructure nationally.

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