Rooter Hero CEO Publishes Third Book

In September 2019, John Akhoian, co-founder and CEO Rooter Hero, released his third book, “Values First,” available for order on Amazon and directly through the Rooter Hero company website.

“Values First” explores the core values implemented by Akhoian at Rooter Hero – a California-based home services company – and how these values have led to improved culture, increased growth and sustained company success. The book not only encourages other leaders in the home service industry to incorporate similar values, but serves as a reminder that in doing so they will be held to a higher level of accountability themselves by their employees.

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“While not perfect, I have lived my life by a set of values that I believe are responsible for where I am today,” said Akhoian. “These values have been a part of the Rooter Hero journey since day one, and it’s my desire to share these with others in the home service industry in hopes we can all hold ourselves to higher standards and live happier, more rewarding lives both in and outside of work.”

Akhoian’s third book, “Values First” follows “The Secret to Real Wealth,” penned in 2018, and “Creating 99 Millionaires,” released earlier in 2019.

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“My first two books were written about achieving financial security in the plumbing trade,” Akhoian said. “I still want to equip those in the home services industry with the knowledge and skills to provide stability for themselves and their families, but it’s important to me that their lives are also fulfilling and led according to principles. ‘Values First’ is the most personal book I’ve ever written, and I hope this journey is as rewarding for you as it has been for me.”

To request a copy of “Values First,” visit

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