Rehabilitation Honorable Mention

Rehabilitation Honorable Mention: City of Plano, Texas, North Trunk Sewer Main

The City of Plano, Texas, North Trunk Sewer Main project involved the rehabilitation of 5,510 ft of sewer main using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) after a section of the line failed while an upstream section was undergoing pipe bursting and a downstream section was undergoing dig-and-replace.

Insituform Technologies Inc. was awarded the $1 million emergency project. The work began on the grounds of a senior citizen residential complex and Insituform had to coordinate its efforts with the complex’s management. The line then crossed a defense contractor for information technology services that had tight security demands. Adding to the challenge was the requirement for a bypass system designed for a maximum flow of 16.1 mgd. A long stretch of the pipe cut through an unusually severe elevation change for North Texas that could have presented serious access and design challenges as the line went up to 40 ft below ground level in some sections; access to that section was gained via a manhole installed for a toll road sewer crossing.

Project Owner: City of Plano, Texas, Public Works
Engineer: Halff Associates
Contractor: Insituform Technologies Inc.

Rehabilitation Honorable Mention: City of Phoenix Sanitary Sewer Replacement Program

The City of Phoenix recently began a large scale sanitary sewer static pipe bursting program using vitrified clay (VCP) jacking pipe as the replacement material. The entire static bursting project includes 720 ft of 12-in. to 15-in. VCP; 3,938 ft of 12- to 18-in. VCP and 2,525 ft of 15- to 18-in. VCP. There is also a jack-and-bore section at 225 ft of 18-in. VCP. Mission Clay Products/ NO-DIG Pipe provided the pipe.

This project represents one of the most significant uses of the static pipe bursting method with new replacement VCP jacking pipe and demonstrated an exemplary level of cooperation between equipment manufacturer, product pipe manufacturer, contractor, engineering firm and municipality. This project will become the basis for future use of VCP pipe in a static pipe bursting application, project officials say.

Project owner: City of Phoenix
Engineer/PMT: Project Engineering Consultants Ltd.
Contractor: Kiewit Western Inc.
Equipment Mfg.: TT Technologies

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