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ProStar Launches ‘The PointMan Dealer Program’

ProStar Holdings Inc. recently launched “The PointMan Dealer Program” to enhance the sales and marketing of PointMan with world leading GPS/GNSS and electromagnetic (EM) equipment manufacturers including Trimble, Vivax-Metrotech, Radiodetection, and Subsite Electronics.

After a successful pilot with a select group of Trimble dealers in the United States, the PointMan Dealer Program is now being expanded to multiple industry leading equipment distributors across North America.

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PointMan is ProStar’s flagship product. PointMan is a patented mobile mapping software application that captures, records, and displays the precise location of surface and subsurface infrastructure including buried utilities and pipelines.

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“Joining ProStar’s PointMan Dealer Program has enabled us to grow and further support our Subsurface Utility Engineering customers,” said David Siddle of Frontier Precision, Trimble’s 2019 Worldwide Geospatial Dealer of the Year. “PointMan seamlessly integrates with our Trimble Survey and Mapping hardware, offering a complete utility mapping solution from asset data collection to plan and profile to stake out.”

ProStar has partnered with several leading equipment manufacturers to integrate their hardware with the ProStar’s precision mapping solution in order to enhance the performance and user experience of the manufacturers products and to create a value-added partnership. The PointMan Dealer Program is a dedicated initiative for select dealers of GPS/ GNSS, utility data collection devices and engineering and survey equipment to promote and sell best in class products.

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“Our goal of the PointMan Dealer Program is to create a powerful consortium between ProStar, the equipment manufacturers and their dealer networks around the world,” said Page Tucker CEO and founder of ProStar. “This launch follows a very successful pilot with the largest Trimble dealers in the world and is a major step in achieving that goal.”