PipeLogix Inc.

PipeLogix Inc., creators of flexidata pipe survey software offers its latest module for flexidata.  The 360 Module is specially designed to work with the new scanning camera technology such as Panoramo and Panoramo SI in both pipe and manhole surveys. The 360 Module is available for flexidata Full, Lite and Manhole Licenses, however, it operates differently and offers particular features, dependent upon the version of flexidata the user is operating. When used with flexidata Lite, 360 launches the Panoramo scanner.  The IPF file that is created can be played back for review. If the Full or Manhole Version is utilized, powerful analysis tools built into 360 create accurate survey data from three different pipe views.   


StoneAge recently released its Bigger Badger, another addition to its family of pipe cleaning tools. This new Bigger Badger is designed to clean 6-in. pipes with 90-degree bends and is offered for 15,000 psi with a ½-in. npt inlet or for 20,000 psi with a 9/16 Medium Pressure inlet. The flow capacity is from 14 to 55 gpm. The Bigger Badger is designed similar to StoneAge’s existing model and uses a stack up of discs to help control the speed of rotation. The range of speed control is from 50 to 300 rpm. Tough applications will need the slow rpm while easier jobs can be finished quicker with faster rpm. The most impressive feature of the Bigger Badger is that StoneAge has added a simple but effective speed control called the Adjustment Sleeve. By using an open end wrench, the operator can easily tighten or loosen the Adjustment Sleeve. Now operators have the ability to maximize productivity from job to job by simply changing the Adjustment Sleeve.

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GREASE RELEASE industrial strength detergent is a unique blend of surfactants that penetrate and soften animal Fat, vegetable Oil, and Grease (FOG).  Once GREASE RELEASE breaks down FOG, it will not re-solidify, causing other problems downstream. GREASE RELEASE penetrates the surface to help prevent future build up of FOG thereby reducing maintenance costs. GREASE RELEASE enhances your preventative maintenance program by keeping greasy lines free flowing and helps make future cleaning quicker, easier, and much more effective.   

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