Rock constitutes 90 percent of exposed earth on the Earth’s surface, meaning there’s a good chance horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operators may encounter rocky ground conditions on jobsites.

Boring through challenging ground conditions like rock can become even tougher in congested cities, busy neighborhoods or tight jobsites. The new Vermeer D23x30DR S3 Navigator HDD is designed for these types of conditions, delivering big power in a small footprint, with the maneuverability, tooling and technology to help you take on rock.

Another advantage of the drill is the quiet operation, with a noise level at the operator’s ear of 83 dB(A) to help with operator comfort, crew communication and create a quiet working environment to reduce disturbance to neighborhoods and other populated urban areas.

Rock isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and boring through it requires a new age of rock drills that are purposefully designed for tough and tight jobsites.

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SOURCE – Vermeer

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