Melfred Borzall Eagle Claw SDJosh Rishel, with Clearfield, Pennsylvania-based C & R Directional Boring LLC, has been working alongside his crew in rocky ground conditions for the past couple months. They have All Terrain rigs setup to handle rocky ground conditions, but switching out takes time and is costly.


Made for situations such as this, the Eagle Claw SD has integrated dome carbide blocks into the body to give greater wear protection and cutting power. Added conical carbides on the upper cutting face add more aggression to the bit’s cutting power. The dome carbide blocks on the opposite side of the body also help transfer more power to the cutting surface as they push against the wall pack during rotation downhole.

Melfred Borzall’s newly redesigned Eagle Claw SD bit not only held up to the unforgiving Pennsylvania soil, but with twice as many carbides as previous generations it ran longer than anyone expected.

“We have three All Terrain drills, and this has saved us a lot of rock drilling,” Rishel says. He continued to explain how they have put a good 30,000 to 40,000 ft on their Eagle Claw SDs and, “I don’t think we’ve had to replace the teeth on one yet.”

His crew was able to increase their production speed without fear of breaking, or excessive premature wearing on the tooling. The balanced cutting design of the Eagle Claw SD ensured there was no vibration up the rod and to the rig, so that wear protection extended to the rest of his setup as well.

SOURCE – Melfred Borzall


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