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Product Spotlight – High Performance Haartz Pipeliner

The Haartz name is well known and highly trusted in the CIPP industry for top quality and outstanding performance. We are much more than a toll coater. We develop solutions that meet your unique requirements. Stemming from over 100 years in the textile extrusion coating business, our textile substrate and polymer knowledge combined with our supplier relationships are unparalleled. We are uniquely positioned to help you solve problems you might not think are solvable. Challenge us.

Haartz offers a wide range of CIPP products. Our HP2 Standard is a TPU based, time tested, high performing product that is pin hole free, tough, and reliable. Our HP2 Blister Free is TPO based, which adds premium blister resistance and superior inversion performance. We also offer HP2 Wide, which can better serve your larger pipe diameter needs. Our HP2 Laterals are made from easily inverted coated textile with high hoop elongation and axial control. Email us today to learn more about which solution is right for you.

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SOURCE – Haartz Corp.

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