Eartec Evade Headsets

Product Spotlight – Eartec Evade Crew Wireless Communication System

Eartec Evade are a new class of light industrial, full duplex headsets designed for professional crews that need hands free, simultaneous talk, wireless communication.

Single and dual ear Evade feature deluxe padding and a sleek, fully adjustable headband that provide outstanding comfort. The Evade XTreme is a heavy duty, dual ear model that can be worn with a hard hat.

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All Evade headsets are self-contained and feature a compact full duplex transceiver built inside the ear cups eliminating wires and belt packs. Complete intercoms include one main unit that relays the digital signals generated by up to eight remote units. The headsets link automatically without a HUB or base station making them easy to operate and affordable. The Eartec Evade wireless can connect up to 32 users within a 400-yd range enhancing coordination, productivity, and safety.

SOURCE – Eartec

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