PROduct Showcase: Milwaukee Tool Expands ONE-KEY with Asset ID Tags

Milwaukee Tool continues to expand ONE-KEY, the industry’s largest and most robust asset management platform and tracking and security network, with the introduction of Asset ID Tags.

ONE-KEY Asset ID Tags allow users to easily manage their tool and equipment inventories. Scanning these durable tags with any camera-equipped mobile device automatically records time and location information within the ONE-KEY app, providing users with instant documentation as assets are transferred between jobsites and users.

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“Since first launched in 2016, ONE-KEY has grown to be the industry’s largest tool and equipment tracking network. With more than 40 connected solutions and counting, we continue to pioneer the evolution of smart tools and equipment,” said Andrew Lambert, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “However, many of our users want to be able to take advantage of the ONE-KEY inventory management platform even with tools and equipment that are not Bluetooth enabled. The TICK will remain the ideal Bluetooth tracker for larger equipment while these new Asset ID Tags will be a perfect fit for smaller equipment and tools, and for users who don’t require the advanced capabilities of TICK.”

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The Asset ID Tags can be affixed to non-ONE-KEY compatible assets to better track movement and flow across jobsites and crews. Using any smart mobile device with an integrated camera and the ONE-KEY app installed, users can simply scan the Tags to record time and location data.

Available in both small (0.69 in. by 1 in.) and large (1.5 in. by 2 in.), the tags come in sets of up to 200 that are designed to adhere to either plastic or metal surfaces. The tags made for plastic surfaces, such as power tools, are made with Velvet Lexan, while the tags made for metal surfaces, such as hand tools, are made with anodized aluminum.

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Fully embodying the Milwaukee promise of “Nothing but HEAVY DUTY,” each tag is built to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions, with resistance to water and chemical exposure, fade-protection from UV light, scratch-resistance, and can maintain adhesion through significant fluctuations in temperature.

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Since the launch of ONE-KEY, Milwaukee has worked to solve a problem that plagues the construction industry: downtime. Delivering connected solutions, Milwaukee helps trade professionals improve efficiency, smooth timeliness, and reduce risk. With this unwavering commitment to the trades and continued investment in software development, Milwaukee pioneers innovation in the construction industry and continues to work toward building a smarter jobsite.

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