In this issue, we look at jetting equipment.  We reached out to the manufacturers to submit their latest and greatest jetting equipment, as well as a PRO Tip. The PRO Tips vary from buying tips to maintenance and usage suggestions. As always, for more information, and to view a manufacturer’s complete jetting equipment lineup, visit the website, which accompanies each product description.

Electric Eel

The EJ3000 from Electric Eel cleans 2- to 8-in diameter lines up to 300 ft. at 3,000 psi/4.7 gpm. The jetter features a 13 hp overhead valve engine for smooth quiet running and dependable operation and electric start is available. It has a 2-to-1 gear reduced Triplex Pump with pulsation for longer life. The EJ3000 has a 300-ft capacity hose reel with heat shield and convenient nozzle storage on unit. Electric Eel’s steel nozzles penetrate and clean through clogs — sludge, ice, grease, sand, soap, dirt, debris…whatever the problem — with a variety of spray angles. Throttle back control automatically adjusts engine speed. The low tone muffler ensures quiet operation, and the 12-in. pneumatic tires on a rugged steel base allow for easy maneuverability. In addition to its jetters, Electric Eel produces a full line of drain and sewer cleaning machines including sectional units, drum machines and pipeline inspection camera systems.

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General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners Jetter

General Pipe Cleaners’ JM-2900 Jet-Set gas powered water jet is an economical alternative to larger water jets. It has the power to quickly clear grease, sand, and ice in 4- to 8-in. The JM-2900 is lighter and more maneuverable yet maintains the same pressure and flow rate as other jets in its class. It’s driven by a 13 hp (389 cc) Honda engine connected directly to a 3,000 psi, 4 gpm triplex pump. Vibra-pulse helps the hose slide around tight bends in small lines and down long runs. A 200-ft capacity hose reel with reel brake is mounted on a heavy-duty frame with two ten-inch “flat-free” foam core tires. The JM-2900 has the same safety features as all of General’s jets, including a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from heat damage, along with a backflow check valve and inlet filter.

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HotJet USA

Hot Jet USA jetter

The HotJet USA Ultimate Hot Water Drain Cleaning Business Package includes the HotJet II trailer jetter with a 10 gpm/4,000 psi 35 hp Vanguard Engine by Toyota, premium inspection camera, locator and an electric hand-held jetter. Professionals will save over $11,000 purchasing the package vs. buying the components separately. Those interested are encouraged to call HotJet USA for pricing and availability for this in demand package that also includes the highly sought after HotJet USA complete operation and marketing bootcamp at the manufacturer’s facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.


When investing in a drain line or sewer jetter, there are four things to consider. 1) Heavy-Duty Custom-Built Trailer – Take a long look at the trailer the equipment is mounted on. If possible, opt for a heavy-duty tandem axle trailer. 2) Modular Engineering and Name Brand Components – Look for main components that are built for easy equipment service. Insist on components that are locally serviceable. Foreign made components are not cheap to maintain. 3) Premium Hoses – Going premium with your hoses means you’re less likely to have down time with breakage from cheaply made hoses. 4) Deal With a Company That Specializes in Jetters and Offers the Complete Package – Does the company have professionals who have worked in the industry? Find a company that knows your industry and look for packages with custom drilled nozzles, accessories, complete operational and marketing with a lifetime of support all backed by the best warranty in the business.

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Mytana jetter

MyTana’s M30 MaxBlast is a portable cart jetter designed to clean 1- to 6-in. lines, as well as to rejuvenate aging or clogged drain fields. The 390cc Honda motor on this jetter has electric start (EZ start bypass) and automatic throttle down. The triplex pump delivers up to 4.5 gpm at 3,000 psi with thermal protection and pulsation control. The removable hose and reel, combined with the 50-ft jumper hose and reel stand, allows jetting indoors while the gas engine remains outside. The reel carries 200 ft of 3/8-in. jetter hose, and we offer 75 ft of 1/8-in. hose for smaller lines. All components are thoughtfully packaged on a rugged cart with balanced weight so it’s easy to get where you need to go.

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RIDGID jetter

The RIDGID KJ-2200 Water Jetter propels a highly flexible hose through 1.25- 6-in. (32- to 150-mm) lines blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages. As users pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line flushing debris away, restoring drain lines to their full, free-flowing capacity. A working pressure of 2,200 psi (150 bar) and flow of 2.4 gpm (9 l/min) provides fast, effective cleaning of lines. It comes standard with a 6.5 hp recoil start gasoline engine for quick start and a FV-1 foot valve to make remote or indoor operation simple and convenient. The user controls the jetting action at the drain while leaving the jetter outdoors. Simply guide the hose into the drain while the thrust propels the hose down the line. Activate the pulse action to easily navigate difficult bends and traps. Optional H-30 cart makes for easy job site transport.


A few tips to best utilize the KJ-2200: 1) Make sure air is purged from the system before starting the engine (allow water to flow freely until no gurgling of air). 2) Release pressure from the wash wand before disconnecting hoses. 3) Always close the fuel valve before moving the machine, even when moving short distances. 4) If the pump isn’t building full pressure, check all filters are clear of debris and nozzles are correct for hose being used. 5) Clean nozzles often (after every use is optimal) but take care not to change hole diameter in process – no excessive filing.

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Spartan Soldier jetter

When you need that extra force to get you through some major blockage in a line, you don’t have time to mess around. You need a soldier with the strength and power to get the job done. The Soldier trailer jetter is here to give you exactly that. This mid-sized trailer jet delivers 3,000 psi at 12 gpm. With a standard antifreeze system, the Soldier reports for duty in any weather condition. Add an optional Warthog® nozzle to make quick work of ice, grease, and tough roots. With its compact form, fully enclosed engine cover, and 200-gallon water tank, the Soldier is the ultimate mid-range powerhouse, ready to fight through your most stubborn stoppages.


Temperatures are dropping, reminding us that Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Your jetter is a significant investment in your business, and winter can be rough on it. Freezing temperatures can lead to extensive damage to the pump, costing thousands of dollars in repairs, if your jetter is not winterized properly. That’s why it is important to follow proper winterization procedures. Our Spartan experts have created step-by-step videos that will walk you through the process of winterizing your jetter. These precautionary procedures can help deter damage due to freezing and cracking; damage that can mean high repair costs and lost jobs, which means less income to your company.

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Vacall AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners, built by Gradall, are ready to work and keep working long after others have rusted through. Standard on all models is an intelligent AllSmartFlow CAN-bus control system. The AllSmartFlow has a programmable LCD display that monitors engine, water flow and vacuum performance while allowing for more precise boom and reel movements. Water flow control monitoring also can reduce trips for refills. AllJetVac models have a strong positive displacement blower system for excellent jetting action and superior vacuum power. The oval-shaped debris body has cylindrical sides for extra strength and efficient material dumping. Water tanks, fabricated from high-quality aluminum, are mounted high on the chassis away from road debris. With lifetime warranties on water tanks and new galvanized debris tank with supreme finish, AllJetVac models lead the industry with a rugged machine designed to withstand the test of time.

AJV models are available with front or rear boom and hose reels. For greater productivity when dumping debris into roll-off containers, a high-dump option raises the tank 16 inches above ground level and tilts it while shifting the tank back 21 inches, avoiding spillage. To further customize the models for specific applications and preferences, contractors and municipalities can choose decant valves, cold water recirculation system, backup hose reel hydraulics, and multiple blower and water pump choices, including a proprietary 85 gpm/2,000psi water pump with 30-minute run-dry guarantee. Debris tank capacities are offered in 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-cubic yards. Water tank capacities include 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500 gallons.

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