We’ve touched on a variety of equipment in this section, but cameras and drain cleaning machines are probably the two most important pieces of equipment in any pipe cleaning pro’s arsenal. In this issue, we look at the latter. These machines come in a variety of sizes and what you need will vary on the size of the project or where the clog is located.

We reached out to the manufacturers to submit there latest and greatest drain cleaning machine, as well as a PRO Tip. The PRO Tips vary from buying tips to maintenance and usage suggestions. As always, for more information, and to view a manufacturer’s complete drain cleaning machine lineup, visit the website, which accompanies each product description.

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General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners’ new Sewerooter T-4 mid-size drain cleaner packs the punch and portability to unclog 3- to 6-in. lines up to 100 ft long. The Sewerooter T-4 carries 100 feet of 9/16-in. Flexicore cable to clear stubborn stoppages in 3 in. to 4 in. inside lines. Heavy duty 9/16-in. cable provides more torque than traditional ½-in. cables offer, yet can clean the same size drain lines. Need to clear tree roots and other tough clogs from 3- to 6-in. lines? Simply switch drums to 75 ft of 5/8-in. Flexicore cable. The Sewerooter T-4 features a variable speed Power Cable Feed, fold-down handle, stair climbers, and truck loading wheel. Its robust, reinforced frame rides smoothly on big 10-in. wheels.

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Flexicore cable offers superior kinking resistance and unequalled strength with the right amount of flexibility. It’s so tough that it carries the best warranty in the business.

For more information, visit drainbrain.com.

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Spartan Tool Model 1065

The Model 1065 is Spartan Tool’s original professional-grade cable machine offering all the power you expect from a Spartan machine; a 250-ft range and the features you need to make your toughest jobs easier. The Model 1065 cleans 3- to 10-in. pipe sizes. The patented Dial-A-Cable power feed allows for quick cable changes and feeds cable in and out easily, while the blockage-sensing smart motor senses the need for more power when encountering a difficult blockage. A fully enclosed drum helps keep customer’s living areas clean, while the rugged design means it can tackle even the toughest jobs.

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For more information, visit spartantool.com.

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Sectional Machine

The M18 FUEL Sectional Machine is the most portable and powerful sectional machine for 5/8 in. and 7/8 in. cable. This sectional machine delivers the power to clear heavy roots up to 150 ft out, providing over 50 percent more power than corded even at its maximum capacity. As the lightest weight and most compact machine in its class, it can seamlessly transition between outdoor use and the tightest indoor applications. The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor provides more clearing power for the toughest root clogs. Whether the clog is only 15 ft down the line or 150 ft out, users can be confident they have the power they need to get the job done. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence enables full-circle communication between the tool and battery, ensuring maximum performance under load. When these motor and intelligence technologies are combined with an M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT 12.0 Battery, this sectional machine tackles multiple jobs on one charge, regularly completing a full day’s work.


Cordless technology continues to break down the barriers of corded equipment, Making cordless drain cleaning solutions the safer, more productive options. Here are four reasons to go cordless.

  1.  Enhanced Safety – Cords and standing water; few things are a worse match. Prevent potential hazards altogether by ditching the cord and going cordless.

  2. Ease of Setup – A frequent challenge when working with drain cleaning equipment is finding access to power. With cordless solutions, you can easily set up and get to work without having to look for and maintain power.

  3. Expanding Equipment Capabilities – Cordless technology leads to new features and functionalities not found on corded machines, as well as increased portability to and from the job.

  4. Compatibility with Other Core Tools – When you choose to go cordless, you’re opening the door to a cordless platform that is compatible with a wide assortment of tools that you likely use already.

For more information, visit milwaukeetool.com.


RIDGID K-3800 Drum Machine

The RIDGID K-3800 Drum Machine is a powerful, easy-to-transport, versatile machine for cleaning 0.75- to 4-in. drain lines. Its minimal set-up and fast tool connection make it ideal for sink lines, floor drains and roof vents. The K-3800 features a heavy-duty AUTOFEED system, powerful 1/10 HP universal motor that spins cable at 240 RPM and a maximum drum capacity of 100 ft of 3⁄8 in. or 90 ft of 1⁄2 in. continuous length cable. It also has a pivoting drum that adjusts for proper cable angle, an inner drum that guards against cable flip-over inside the drum and a motor that gears down automatically to deliver more power and enhance operator control when a blockage is hit. A quick-release cable drum and built-in handholds allow for easy cable change and transport. Its rugged, corrosion-resistant, molded cable drum won’t dent or rust. Includes RIDGID lifetime warranty.


Improve the transportability of the K-3800 with the use of a cart. Quickly go from job to vehicle and back again without having to carry the machine.

For more information, visit ridgid.com.


Picote Maxi Power+

The Picote Maxi Power+ is a one of kind, powerful and efficient multi-use trenchless system, allowing the use of Picote’s innovative tools in 4- to 12-in. sewers. It provides unique and impressive options for removing failed and collapsed CIPP liners in cast iron, clay and PVC pipes. This powerhouse can also remove concrete, limescale, roots and metal, descale pipes and open laterals fast. The Maxi Power+ is an electric, 3-phase 400v machine. It comes with 59 ft of 0.75-in. shaft that can be extended by 36 ft. The cable rotates inside an outer protective cover, making it safe to handle, and running at up to 1,500 rpm this is a high-speed and extremely powerful solution. A detachable control box means that you can operate close to the work area. A variety of heavy-duty and specialized tools can simply be attached to the cable and pushed down the pipe to get to work.


Quickly and easily retrieve lost tools, or remove foreign objects blocking a pipe with the Picote Grabber, avoiding costly and time-consuming excavation. Simply use CCTV to locate the problematic obstruction, pushing the Grabber to the correct location and rotate the jaws until they are precisely positioned. Turn on the air valve of your compressor to achieve a rock-solid grip of the object and just pull it out. Release the pressure to open the jaws once the item has been retrieved. The Grabber is flexible and is designed to navigate 90-degree bends. It is available in three sizes and with different jaw sets depending on the size of pipe you are working in (2 to 3 in., 4 in. plus and 6 in. plus) as well as the type of item that you need to reclaim. This is an absolute must-have; everyone needs one on their truck for those unexpected situations.

For more information, visit picotesolutions.com.


MyTana’s M30 MaxBlast

MyTana’s M30 MaxBlast is a portable cart jetter designed to clean 1- to 6-in. lines, as well as to rejuvenate aging or clogged drain fields. The 390cc Honda motor on this jetter has electric start (EZ start bypass) and automatic throttle down. The triplex pump delivers up to 4.5 gpm at 3,000 psi with thermal protection and pulsation control. The removable hose and reel, combined with the 50-ft jumper hose and reel stand, allows jetting indoors while the gas engine remains outside. The reel carries 200 ft of 3/8-in. jetter hose, and we offer 75 ft of 1/8-in. hose for smaller lines. All components are thoughtfully packaged on a rugged cart with balanced weight so it’s easy to get where you need to go.

For more information, visit mytana.com.