The PressurePipe Inspection Co. (PPIC), in conjunction with Water Systems Optimization(WSO), Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. and Brown and Caldwell, hosted aone-day asset management workshop in Cleveland on May 11.
The seminar waspart of a nationwide tour presented in major cities that concluded inJune.

The focus of the seminar was the management, assessment and repairof large diameter pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). The seminar wasdesigned with municipalities in mind — with many of the U.S.’ cities faced withaging infrastructure, developing a condition assessment and management programis essential for avoiding system failure.

Presenters from each of themajor sponsors gave presentations on a number of PCCP topics. Rasko P. Ojdrovic,PhD., P.E., of Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc., gave a presentation titled,”PCCP Design, Failure Mechanisms and Forensic Investigations.” The talk centeredon the construction of PCCP pipes, strengths and weaknesses of both design andmaterials and ways of investigating and assessing pipe failure. “PCCP lines canlast a design lifetime with high reliability if properly maintained,” he said.

Also discussed were testing methods for identifying which pipes hadsignificant wire breakage. “A pipe is a structure, and structural analysis isessential to understanding its performance,” said Ojdrovic.

Cliff Jonesof PPIC followed up Ojdrovic’s talk with a presentation on condition assessmentmethods. Technology such as pipe crawlers, acoustic and electromagnetic currenttests were explained, as well as the distinct advantage that PCCP has over otherpipe materials. “PCCP is the only pipe technology that can do proactiveanalysis,” he said. Because the metal wires in PCCP constitute much of thepipe’s strength and support, a test of these wires will generally offer a goodindication about the overall structural integrity of the pipe. Jones also spokelater about the Sahara Leak Location system, a U.K.-developed technology thatcan diagnose leaks in pipes.

Other presenters included Chris Leauber ofWSO and Ronald Ablin, P.E., of Brown and Caldwell.

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