Pipeline Renewal Technologies Appoints Flow-Liner Distributor for Lateral Cutters

Pipeline Renewal Technologies (PRT), a leader in innovative solutions for underground pipe rehabilitation, has just welcomed pipe-lining specialist Flow-Liner Systems to its family of sales partners.

Through this arrangement, Flow-Liner Systems will offer PRT’s Micro Basic, Micro Pro and Micro Premium models to its small-diameter lining installers. These unique, portable cutters use a system of pneumatic bladders to position the cutting head precisely in laterals 3- to 6-in. diameter (up to 10 in. optional); deliver precision multi-axis cutting via joystick with real-time video feedback; and perform a variety of cutting tasks as far as 100 ft into pipe using interchangeable bits. Flow-Liner Systems will also offer the Nano model, a cutter optimized for 2- to 4-in. diameter conduit (including vertical stretches) that has 90 degree bend articulation and is maneuvered using a steering wheel.

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“Flow-Liner Systems’ emphasis on innovation has made them an industry leader in small-diameter relining,” said Pete Kurz, business manager for Pipeline Renewal Technologies. “Naturally, they want to deliver their customers enhanced performance and productivity in all aspects of pipe rehabilitation, and our Micro and Nano cutters are a perfect fit.”

“With these cutters, we can finally offer a tool that makes remote lateral cutting precise and efficient,” says Jeff Tanner, president of Flow-Liner Systems. “These are the ideal cutters for the high caliber of relining contractor Flow-Liner Systems attracts.”

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Kurz and Tanner finalized the agreement Aug. 2, 2013, and are working together to introduce Micro and Nano cutter technology to Flow-Liner Systems installers through a series of regional seminars and on-site demonstrations.