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GapVax’s MC Advanced Series is an innovative system control that includes a superior monitoring system allowing the operator to observe and troubleshoot the entire system. The display screen (one inside cab/one outside) will control hydraulics, blower, and water pump operations with a complete compliment of gauges. All body functions, boom and hose reel functions, vacuum break, throttle, area and safety lighting are wireless controlled. GapVax will have the most wireless functions available while still maintaining proportional boom and hose reel control. The job card feature allows you to keep track of blower and water pump hours and logs your time on each job among other things.


Cleaning laterals from the mainline has never been easier. The Logiball Lateral Cleaning Launcher is pulled in tandem with your multi-conductor camera, positioned at the service connection where the guiding arm is rotated with your tractor controls. The jet operator turns the pump on and your ½- or 3/8-in. hose and nozzle are launched into the lateral from the main cleaning grease, roots, buildups and more. Cleaning distances from 5 ft and as far as 70 ft into the lateral have been achieved. Lateral Cleaning Launchers are available for 6-in. mainlines up to 18-in. mainlines.

Spartan Tool

Spartan Tool’s hydro- jetter product line leads with the Warrior model. Available with an optional wireless remote control, the Warrior’s 4,000 psi will clean up to 24-in. pipes, while the 18-gpm of flow will flush the debris downstream, leaving behind a pipe clear of obstructions. Matched with the controlled rotation of a Warthog nozzle, the Warrior transforms into a powerful root cutting machine, able to penetrate even the largest root balls. The Warrior’s eye-popping styling not only makes your logo’d machine a rolling billboard for your company, but also serves as a highly effective sound-dampener, making the Warrior the quietest 4,000-psi machine on the market.

StoneAge Inc.

The newest Warthog sewer nozzle is the WHO-3/4 Puller. This nozzle has been designed to produce more thrust than existing tools available today. The rear facing jets have been angled more sharply and the centralizer fins have been trimmed back. The result is more pulling power to handle longer lines, extra distance and moderate inclines. It features five jet ports, including a boring jet offset at 15 degrees and four jets at 172 degrees.

Vactor Mfg.

The Vactor 2100 Plus CB provides all of the benefits of the Vactor 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaner, including improved air flow, operator ergonomics, enhanced safety, smart truck design and standard high-dump on a tandem axle chassis. An improved air-routing system provides an efficient air flow path for both the single- and dual-stage fan or a positive displacement blower configuration, resulting in outstanding performance and maximum productivity. The Vactor HXX option package can be easily added for exceptional hydro-excavation performance including a choice of 10- or 20-gpm water pump system and the 400k or 800k BTU water heater.


NozzTeq introduces a new sewer or storm cleaning nozzle called the BL Swiper for 8- to 18-in. sewer pipes. The construction of the BL Swiper is made to optimize the cleaning effect by using both the water flow from the jets and air flow in the pipe. The water flow, through the pressure in the jets, creates a jet stream and the jet streams create thrust through a number of air channels. The number of air channels is equal to the number of water jets i.e. a nozzle supplied with six water jets are supplied with six air channels. The channels are placed in the center of the nozzle meaning that the total force generated by the nozzle, both air and water force, are used to clean the pipe in cost effective manner. Tests performed with the BL SWIPER has been determined that the flow rate can almost be cut in half, compared with normal flow needs.

Shamrock Tools

The Shamrock Pipe Tools Hydraulic Root Saw Kit features a high torque motor, durable color coded blades, and easy to mount centering skids. The high torque motor will allow you to cut and remove roots in lines from 6 in. to 18 in. safely and effectively. Color coded blades are made of a .187 thick material and heat treated using a process that while hardening the blades still allows for flexibility and less chance of breaking in the pipe. Motor is simple and easy to maintain. This is a proven industry tool in the fight against root intrusion.


Start killing pipeline roots today and restoring pipe flow capacity with RootX.  RootX is a dry powdered formula that can be applied with existing sewer cleaning equipment or direct from the package. Just add water to the RootX formula and you can create a root killing foam that will kill the roots the foam comes in contact with and also leaving a residual to stunt new growth for a longer period of time than cutting. The simplicity of the RootX application means a city sewer crew can do root control on demand and a professional drain cleaner has a powerful tool to add to their business.  Registered with the EPA for both sanitary and storm use (EPA Reg.# 68464).
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