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general-pipe-cleanersGeneral Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners offers the Model 88 sectional drain cleaner, which easily clears 200-ft drain lines of tree roots and other stubborn stoppages. Users simply connect one end of the cable to the front of the machine and put the other end into the drain, then stand behind the Model 88 and turn it on. The cable corkscrews itself into the line. The Model 88 features a powerful 3/4-hp, heavy-duty motor as standard equipment. It drives a 3.5-to-1 ratio gear head to give the machine plenty of power to handle difficult jobs. The machine also has a longer steel frame to protect the drive coupling, and a larger front wheel for easier handling on rough terrain. The Model 88 sectional drain cleaner spins 8- to 10-ft, quick-coupling cable sections at distances of 200 ft or greater in 3- to 10-in. lines. General’s patented no-wrench cable drive coupler enables the operator to attach cables faster. The cables self-feed, while the operator stands safely behind the machine as the cables screw into the line.

Spartan Tool

spartan-toolSpartan Tool has introduced its new Model 743/746 Hot Jet. Both units heat water with an on-board kerosene-powered heating element that cleans lines from 3 to 15 in., with 12 gpm of flow while operating at a full 4,000 PSI — the highest flows and pressures available — with water heated to 130 F. At this temperature, iced-over sewer lines are opened in seconds, soap-scum-stopped drain lines are melted clear and grease clogs are tackled very quickly. An on-board thermostat allows the operator to easily control the amount of heat needed, while being able to get through jobs more quickly. Depending on the amount of water needed on the jobsite, customers can choose either the 300-gal, single-axle Model 743 or the double-axle Model 746 that carries 600 gals. For jetting jobs that require even more water, a hydrant fill connection is standard on both units. The Hot Jet’s heating element runs on #1 or #2 diesel, kerosene or #1 heating oil, and the Hot Jet itself can be powered by gasoline or propane. Both units are available in trailer or skid-mount configurations.

super-productsSuper Products

Built for maximum durability, Super Products’ aluminum “Super Tube” digging tubes are ideal for hydro excavators and sewer cleaners used on the most challenging, toughest jobsites. Super Tubes are constructed of thick, high-strength, heat-treated alloy making them less prone to denting during handling and severe use, and in turn, providing nearly four times the service life of standard digging tubes. Available in 6- and 8-in. diameters and a variety of lengths up to 20 ft, Super Tubes also feature new custom cast ends that enable them to be easily interchangeable with other Super Tubes. In addition to its Super Tubes, Super Products offers an assortment of dig tube accessories including fluidizing tubes, couplers and reducers.

Vactor Mfg.

vactorVactor Mfg., the industry leader in vacuum excavators, sewer and catch basin cleaners and industrial vacuum loaders featuring innovative technology and custom configurable designs, has introduced the Peterbilt 567 Class 8 truck model chassis options for the company’s HXX HydroExcavator. Featuring a rugged design, spacious interior and enhanced visibility, the new chassis option is ideal for rough environments. Vactor was one of the first OEMs to build on the new chassis, working closely with Peterbilt to lay out the 567 chassis configuration to optimize features for its customers. The chassis design reduces weight for increased payload capacity and improves maneuverability for operating in congested worksites. Chassis system routing improvements include new air and fuel hard lines and the separation of key air, fuel, diesel exhaust fluid and electrical systems routings which significantly simplify service, repair and body installation. The steering wheel features tilt and telescoping capabilities through an easy-to-use, column-mounted lever. An easy-to-read gauge panel is completely visible through the steering wheel, and provides critical and functional information to the driver.
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