Pipe Cleaning Products

Duke’s Root Control

Duke’s Root Control Inc. is a full-service root control company dedicated to keeping sewer systems free of tree root growth.  Through professional application of Duke’s proprietary herbicide, Razorooter II, over 2,000 U.S. municipalities have benefited from extended pipe life, reduced SSO occurrences and maximized asset value. Duke’s has successfully treated over 140 million ft of sewer line and continues to deliver results to municipalities through: Asset Management and CMOM Solutions, EPA-Registered Products and a two- to three-year guarantee. A sister company to Duke’s Root Control, Sewer Sciences is a leading producer of innovative, effective solutions for the sewer root control industry.  Using cutting-edge technology and research methodology, Sewer Sciences has developed EPA-registered products that effectively control root growth without compromising wastewater treatment facilities, the environment and local communities.  Sewer Sciences has also consulted with the U.S. EPA to create training manuals for instructing and certifying root-control applicators in proper application techniques.

RapidView IBAK North America

RapidView IBAK North America is pleased to introduce the latest evolution of the ORION 2 Camera system. A revolution in compact design and functionality, the new higher resolution ORION 2.5 boasts pan, tilt and now zoom functionality while maintaining a wide angle of view. It can rotate automatically around pipe joints and provides a picture which is always right side up. Incredible low-light camera technology allows users to inspect very large pipelines with this very small camera (over 60 in.). The new ORION can be used on a pushrod, mainline tractor or as the launch camera on a lateral lunching system.  As with all IBAK equipment, the camera is pressurized to in order to provide added peace of mind and a diagnostic warning in the case of a pressure loss during operations. The ORION 2.5 is also capable of using its onboard laser system to measure defects, diameter and pipe deformation while inside the pipeline.


The Jet Set Commander is a state-of-the-art system for the on-demand application of Sanafoam Vaprooter II, a chemical root control product formulated to eliminate roots and resulting blockages in sanitary sewer systems. The Commander can be installed on virtually any make or model of hydro-jetter or combination sewer cleaning truck with a front, mid or rear mounted reel. The Commander is easily removable when not in use and can be installed on a standard receiver hitch or on the chassis in the place of a tool box. The Commander is offered as a factory installed or aftermarket option by most major sewer truck manufacturers and their dealers or may be installed by Vaporooter.

Sewer Equipment of America

The 800-HPR ECO Truck Jet is equipped with the latest hydraulic technology, which allows this unit to operate at a reduced engine speed while still generating at peak gpm and psi power. The lower engine speed means fuel consumption is reduced by 33 percent and noise reduction is 30 percent less at 3 ft and 50 percent less at 25 ft. The new hydraulic system offers the option of using environmentally safe and non-toxic hydraulic fluid that is biodegradable and therefore non-threatening to the ecosystem. In addition, the 800-HPR ECO water tank has an increased thickness of ¾-in. and new bolted baffles – both improvements mean a more robust water tank with a longer life. For more information please call Sewer Equipment Co. of America at 800-323-1604 or visit www.sewerequipment.com.


Vac-Con’s Hot Shot sewer machine flushes anything from stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary and/or storm drain lines by the flushing action of high-pressure water. The Hot Shot machine offers smooth flow water systems up to 80 gpm and 3,000 psi, and 1,000 to 2,500 gallon fresh water tanks. The machines are available with optional articulating hose reels for ease of operation and flexibility. 
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